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Designer Babies

Munchkin couture is all the rage with hip parents.

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Sorry, Gymboree--infants and toddlers are now rocking stylishclothing and products that reflect the hip tastes of their parents.According to the NPD Group, the children's clothing markettotaled $29 billion in 2004 in the U.S., and major designers areadding munchkin lines to their collections that have trend-seekingparents going gaga goo-goo.

Entrepreneurs, too, are catering to design-conscious parents.Edina Sultanik Silver, co-founder of Brand P!mps $ MediaWh*res, a New York City youth market trend consultancy andfashion showroom, says, "New parents' mind-sets are a lotedgier than they used to be. Once [hip kids' clothing] becomesmore widely available, more people are going to buy it."

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