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Making the Sale

Win over undecided prospects with sales tactics similar to jujitsu.

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What if you ask a question and the answer is no? What if afterall your research and brainstorming, you've pinpointed a needthat the prospect can't or won't perceive? If that'sthe case, take the presentation off the table and start askingquestions. Just like in jujitsu, you can use your prospects'own momentum to move them in the direction you want them to go.

You're there to learn, just as much as you are to sell.(It's the first call, remember?) So keep the door open for yournext presentation by switching on your prime sellingapparatus--your ears. Here are some learning questions to ask:

  • "That's interesting. Could you elaborate on the goalsyou want to achieve?"
  • "I appreciate your candor. Could you tell memore?"
  • "Let's not waste any of your time on this particularidea, then, since it's designed to reach these specific goals.Tell me what you'd like to accomplish so I can give somethought to another idea."

You need to be prepared for this contingency, but you'll besurprised at how seldom it happens. If you're a conscientious,creative seller and you do your homework before the meeting, yourbenefits will match the prospect's most of the time. Besides,if you've gotten this far, the prospect wants to hear your ideabefore passing final judgement.

Excerpted from Creative Selling: Boost your B2B sales

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