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Kick-Start Sales the Easy Way

Play up your product's unique features in your marketing.

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Perhaps the ultimate example of how to turn unlikely featuresinto benefits (and of how to kick-start a stagnant market) comesfrom the well-muscled folks at Arm & Hammer. Working familieshad less time to bake, so baking soda sales had been flat for 20years. One of their ad agency's copywriters (who are paid toexplore benefits) considered baking soda's curious andlittle-though-of ability to absorb odors. Not particularly useful,it had been considered. That changed when this copywriter suggestedpromoting Arm & Hammer baking soda as a "refrigeratordeodorant." You know the rest. At last survey, most U.S.refrigerators contain baking soda. Behold the dramatic impact of anunexplored benefit.

Excerpted from Knock-Out Marketing: Powerful Strategies to PunchUp Your Sales

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