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Shapr Will Help You Value Your Time Instead of Wasting It

We've all been there, standing in a room full of people with name badges, awkwardly shaking hands and asking the dreaded question… "So, what do you do?" Flash forward two hours later and you've spent another evening engaging in small talk, or even feeling trapped in conversation with people who are unlikely to further your career or business goals. You're smart: You know you need to network to find your next job or grow your company. However, networking is a massive waste of time and energy if you're not strategic in how you do it.

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The networking platform Shapr has set out to completely redesign the networking process, so that it is efficient, fun, and actually helpful to meet people. The platform promotes mindful networking by analyzing your goals, interests, and experience, and putting the right people in front of you. There's no small talk needed – you already know a bit about who each person is and why they're hoping to network. Instead of approaching someone at an event only knowing their first name, you can already know if someone is looking for a cofounder, interested in building a graphic design business, or even hiring a team.

In less than two minutes a day, you will find motivated, energizing people who will actually move your projects forward. Just swipe right on the connections that make sense and skip those profiles that are less exciting by swiping left. Message the matches you make to suggest a coffee or call. From there, you can go on with your day and receive notifications when your match responds. It is that easy. Using Shapr, you will save a minimum of two hours a week, and potentially many more hours of harvesting cold emails online or schlepping to crowded business conferences where you don't know who to approach.

Yes, you still need to make the time to meet with your connections. However, these are the connections that can actually make a difference in your project, instead of that person who trapped you at an event. That's a lot of hours back in your day to reply to the endless email inbox or spend time with your family. Shapr's goal is to help you make the most out of your time, and to actually make networking meaningful. We think they are pretty good at achieving that.

Download Shapr and start making the most of your time.


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