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Personal Appearance

The best face to put on your business is your own.

By Jerry Fisher

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

In recent years, some well-known entrepreneurs have wisely slidout from behind their desks to talk to their prospects one-to-onein their advertising. As a result, Dave Thomas, the owner ofWendy's fast-food restaurants, is now synonymous with hisprosperous company. Another Dave, David Oreck, has made himself theubiquitous spokesperson for the Oreck vacuum cleaner. And thenthere are all the fender-thumping car dealers we see mugging intheir own TV spots. The point is, when business owners stand out infront of their businesses and enthusiastically peddle theirproducts themselves, potential customers take special notice. And,more important, they buy.

That's my message to Jim Troth, owner of Smell the Mat, aself-defense training company in Toledo, Ohio. Troth recently wrotefor advice concerning how to pep up interest in his company'sbrochure. My answer? Step out in front and speak directly to yourprospects. To do that in Smell the Mat's case, I suggestredesigning the cover of the brochure to feature a photo of Trothand a quote headline that's spiced with some attitude:"Once I've trained you . . .

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