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37% of Americans say they would prefer to have a male boss; 43% are indifferent.
--The Gallup Poll, September 2006

Nearly 50% of all mobile phones stolen in 2005 were made by Nokia.
--Midlands Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice, September 2006

U.S. consumers spent $7.8 billion over the last two years for computer repairs, parts and replacements because of malware attacks.
--Consumer Reports, September 2006

Wireless users made 51% of their calls indoors; up from 47% in 2005.
--J.D. Power, September, 2006

Roughly 27% of calls from cell users were made from their vehicle; down from 31% last year.
--J.D. Power, September 2006

63% of parents who use text messaging believe that it improves their communication with their children.
--Cingular, August 2006

1% of US cellphone users watch video on their phones; 28% of cellphones in use in the US have video capability.
--NPD Group, July 2006

Notebook PC ownership grew 8% in 2005.
--Ipsos Insight, July 2006

9 in 10 internet users access the web from home; 50% access the internet from work.
--Ipsos Insight, July 2006

80% say they'd rather give up their iPod than their home wireless network.
--Wi-Fi Alliance, July 2006

5% of desktop computers need to have a component replaced within the first year; down from 7% two years ago.
--Gartner, July 2006

29% of internet users now have a camera phone; up from 18% in June 2005.
--InfoTrends, May 2006

50% of electronic products returned to stores are in good working order, consumers just can't figure out how they work.
--Technical University of Eindhoven, May 2006

On average, American consumers will try for just 20 minutes to get a new gadget to work before giving up.
--Technical University of Eindhoven, May 2006

Nearly 1/4 of U.S. mobile subscribers switched providers between 2004 and 2005.
--Forrester Research, April 2006

Even though cell phone use during flight is banned, on average 1 to 4 cell phone calls are made from every commercial flight in the Northeast U.S.
--Carnegie Mellon University, March 2006

Yahoo! is now the leading e-mail client with a 23% market share; AOL is second with 15%.
--Epsilon Interactive, March 2006

43% of cell phone users say they would be willing to pay more for a cell phone that prohibits marketing or advertising messages.
--Royal Bank of Canada's RBC Capital Markets, March 2006

68% of active home internet users now use a broadband connection.
--Nielsen/NetRatings, March 2006

The average person spends 30.5 hours per month on their home computer.
--Nielsen/NetRatings, March 2006

20% of households with kids report the youngest cell phone user to be 12 years old; 10% say they are of elementary school age
--American Consumer Institute, March 2006

31% of U.S. households have two or more PCs.
--Yankee Group, January 2006

Worldwide mobile phone shipments increased 19.3% in 2005 from the previous year.
--IDC, January 2006

Consumer electronics sales will reach $135.4 billion in 2006.
--Consumers Electronics Association, January 2006

The number of WCDMA subscribers passed 40 million in 2005; an increase of 140% since the end of 2004.
--Global Mobile Suppliers Association, January 2006

More than 33% of mobile phone owners use MMS.
--Harris Interactive, January 2006

62.8% of shoppers say their primary source of shopping info is online.
--BURST! Media, October 2005

72% say they get excited or feel comfortable when they first use a new tech gadget, while 64% say they have trouble trying to figure out how they work.
--USA Today/Gallup, October 2005

5% feel panic when faced with a new tech device, while 41% admit to feeling frustrated by their computer.
--USA Today/Gallup, October 2005

81% of Americans wait until the price drops before investing in new tech gizmos.
--USA Today/Gallup, October 2005

The tech item that 54% of Americans consider a necessity is the cell phone, followed by desktop PCs (47%).
--USA Today/Gallup, October 2005

Most valuable laptop features according to U.S. adult computer users: Long battery life - 62%; lightweight design - 58%; internet wireless access - 55%.
--Harris Interactive, July 2005

The installed base of home networks worldwide went from about 24 million in 2003 to 37 million in 2004.
--In-Stat, September 2005

The VoIP industry will grow from $8 million in revenues to $2.45 billion by 2010.
--Frost & Sullivan, September 2005

87% of Americans can't define VoIP; 20% of respondents believed it was a hybrid automobile from Europe, 10% thought it was a low-carb vodka.
--Harris Interactive, September 2005

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