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Cut the Cord

Presentations don't have to be a hassle.

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There's no need to be attached at the hip to your projector.A host of technologies are available to make yourpresentations more flexible, professional and convenient. Awireless-enabled projector is one way to go. There are severalaffordable options on the market. The 802.11b machines that havebeen out for a while cut the cord between the PC and the projector.The next step up is to move to the higher bandwidth 802.11g thatcan support more complex presentations with multimedia and video.The PowerLite 835p with a PC card slot and 802.11g supportwas first out this past summer. Look for offerings or upgrades fromInFocus, NEC and , among others.

The $279 (street) D-Link Wireless Presentation Gateway isanother option. With 802.11g, it lets users connect toVGA-compatible machines like projectors, LCD panels or monitors.It's a good for businesses needing to accommodate multiplepresenters. Allowing for multiple users is a quick way to boostcollaboration and keep meetings moving along. The other bonus: Itdoesn't require a projector to work. Entrepreneurs whodon't want to invest several thousand dollars into a wirelessprojector can use a wireless presentation gateway with existingdisplay equipment.

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