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Help Line

Tired of getting the brushoff from your vendors' tech support lines?

This story appears in the February 1997 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

What computer user hasn't been faced with a major technicalproblem? Say your word processor keeps crashing since you upgradedto Windows 95, and you're on a tight deadline. So you call yourvendor's technical support hotline--and get a busy signal foran hour. When you finally get through, you're put on hold for45 minutes more. At last, you reach a real person--who tells you:"I'm not able to solve that problem now. Can I get back toyou?" To add insult to injury, you've paid for thecall.

While most vendors' technical support is somewhat betterthan this fictional scenario, it's not uncommon for vendors tomake you wait on hold for significant periods, not providetoll-free numbers, and not have the answers you need.

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