In the Interview

Ask this question to uncover turnover problems.

Why do you want to leave your current job? The cannedanswer that you may get when you ask why someone wants to leave hiscurrent job may sound something like this: "I've gone asfar as I can go in my current job. I've learned everythingthere is to know about the position, and unless someone leaves, Iwill never get promoted."

You need to counter with a qualifying question: "What makesyou believe that this job with my organization will be anydifferent than your current job?" Listen very carefully to hisanswer. It better have substance. If he tells you it's becauseyou have a dynamic organization and he thinks you are great, watchout. But, if he identifies specific aspects of the job that wouldbe challenging, then it may be worth your while to go on to thenext qualifying question.

Excerpted from Attracting & Rewarding OutstandingEmployees

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