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Offer Incentives

It's the best way to attract outstanding job candidates.

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Although you may not like it, more employees are asking thequestion "What's in it for me if I join yourorganization?" If you're not able to sell them on thepositive aspects of working for you, then you can bet they'lllook elsewhere. To attract outstanding people, you must havesomething to offer them. If candidates don't believe yourorganization offers better career opportunities than their currentposition, they won't make the move.

If you expect to attract and keep outstanding employees, yourcompany must be a great place to work, offer a comfortableenvironment, produce quality products and services, and enjoy anexcellent reputation. If you can show candidates that your solidcompany has a clear sense of the future, they'll want to joinyour .

Excerpted from Attracting & Rewarding OutstandingEmployees

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