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Safe Travel Tips

Here's how to fight off germs on your next flight.

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Does flying make you sick? Air carriers are worried it might,and with good reason: Airline passengers grouped closely togetherbreathe the same dry, recycled cabin air when they travel andmedical experts say the odds of catching an airborne virus on aflight are significantly higher than they are elsewhere.

So what can you do to keep from getting sick?

  • Stay hydrated. Dry cabin air makes you more vulnerableto infection. Drink lots of water, and keep your nose hydrated withsaline nasal spray or petroleum jelly.
  • Avoid infected passengers. If you're sitting next tosomeone who appears to be ill, ask to be moved. The closer you areto the source of a potential infection, the greater chances arethat you'll get sick.
  • Don't drink--alcohol, that is. Experts caution thatalcohol dehydrates you and can make you more susceptible toillness.
  • Wash up. Always wash your hands after visiting thebathroom on the plane. These hard surfaces can be contaminated withE. coli bacteria.

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