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It's maddening when e-mail includes attached files youcan't open. Unfortunately, this is a regular occurrence formany heavy e-mail users. The chief cause: The recipient lacks the"native application," technical talk for the program thatcreated the file. But solutions are now at hand. One to check outis Inso's Quick View Plus 4 ($59), a dramatically beefed- upversion of the "quick view" applet built into Windows 95.Quick View allows you to look at files from more than 200 programs,including both Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange as well as mostmajor spreadsheet, database and word processing programs. Evenbetter, Quick View lets you copy what you see into your clipboardand paste it into an application you use. A free demo is availableat

Much the same cyber magic is worked by E-ttachment Opener fromDataViz (about $39). E-ttachment Opener especially excels at givingPC users a look at Macintosh files. E-ttachment Opener can makereadable most e-mail "garbage" text--usually encodedfiles that have been mangled by an e-mail gateway. For moreinformation, visit the DataViz Web site at

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