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Direct Attention

Ways to spice up your direct mailing

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Try these attention-getting direct-mail ideas to power up yourbusiness:

  • Reactivation voucher: Mail a $20 no-strings-attached voucher toany customer you haven't seen in six months or longer. Few canturn it down...and even fewer will spend only $20.
  • Magalog: If you have a catalog, give it more value by enhancingit with problem-solving editorial content. This creates acombination magazine and catalog.
  • $2 bill: Send a $2 bill with a questionnaire asking aboutproduct/service preferences.
  • We've missed you: Send a card to clients you haven'tseen in a year telling them they're missed. Include a discountcoupon.
  • Birthday call: Record all customers' birthdays, and makesure they get a special call or card from you.

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