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Filing An Insurance Claim

You may someday have to file an insurance claim. These tips should make it easier.

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  • Report incidents immediately. Notify your agent andcarrier right away when anything happens-such as a fire, accidentor theft-that could result in a claim.
  • Take steps to protect your property from further damage.Most policies cover the cost of temporary repairs to protectagainst further damage, such as fixing a window to preventlooting.
  • If possible, save damaged parts. A claims adjustor maywant to examine them after equipment repairs have bee made.
  • Get at least two repair estimates. Your claims adjustorcan tell you what kind of documentation the insurance company wantsfor bids on repairs.
  • Provide complete documentation. The insurance companyneeds proof of loss. Certain claims require additional evidence.For example, a claim for business interruption will need financialdata showing income before and after.
  • Communicate with your agent and claims adjustor. Thoughyour claim is against the insurance company, you agent should bekept informed so he or she can help if needed.

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