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Note Worthy

High-quality screens are earning rave reviews for the newest SVGA notebook computers.

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Standard portable notebook computers--weighing less than 8 pounds and measuring slightly larger than a 2-inch-high stack of letterhead--are gaining in popularity and dropping in price. If you need more than a standard notebook, however, consider a Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA) model.

SVGA screens have high-resolution liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Lightweight, flexible and thin, LCDs let tiny notebooks boast high-quality screens that add little to their weight. The standard LCD resolution is 640 x 480 dots per inch (dpi); the higher 800-x-600-dpi resolution means you get a more colorful, sharper picture, while allowing more data to be displayed on screen without increasing lid size. Two drawbacks: Some SVGA notebooks are a bit slower than standard VGA computers, and some text and graphics appear slightly smaller on screen because data is more compressed than on standard VGA screens.

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