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This Company Is Using AI to Change the Way Businesses Create and Share Video

Combining artificial intelligence with an easy-to-use interface, Magisto aims to simplify the process of creating and publishing high-quality videos.


Like most small businesses, Magisto started out as a passion project that turned into a way of life. Oren Boiman was looking for a quick, simple way to produce quality video content of his newborn daughter, but he knew that if he tried to edit all the footage himself, she'd be heading to college before he ever got around to sharing anything.

Inspired by this all-too-common dilemma, Boiman co-founded Magisto, an easy-to-use, AI-powered product that makes video creation and customization accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. But Magisto's use cases now go far beyond that of parents. These days, entrepreneurs and small-to-medium-business owners are creating engaging video content on their own with this handy tool. Video is the only medium that lets entrepreneurs scale their most valuable assets—their presence, charisma, and passion—and Magisto lets them do it affordably and quickly.

Here, Boiman shares some tips gleaned from observing tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who use Magisto to create successful, engaging video.

Make quick, slick social media videosand publish often.

Millennials and Generation Z were born in the social and mobile age. They're accustomed to seeing friends post real, authentic videos on social media multiple times a day, so it's no surprise that they expect it from brands too.

"Some of our customers are creating engaging videos each and every day, generating thousands of views, and doing it all from their mobile device in less than 10 minutes," Boiman says.

Magisto's AI takes user-generated photos and videos and creates a comprehensive narrative. The technology adds artful blurring and effects to bring attention to the most important objects in each frame. It also improves the picture and sound quality of the footage, among other things. To create an engaging story and fill any narrative gaps or missing pieces, Magisto's AI pulls from a premium stock library of more than 28 million licensed images and videos, and 750+ music tracks.

With these tools, business owners can treat social video less like a lengthy project and more like expressive social posts. Boiman suggests aiming for short videos that hover around one minute in length to convey punchy, direct messaging.

Reuse video content and format for extreme efficiency.

If your goal is to share multiple videos a week, you'll also want to create an efficient video-production process. Some of Magisto's most productive entrepreneurs have benefited from using repeatable video formats, Boiman says.

Real estate agents, for example, can use the same template to show numerous properties, or fitness studio owners can pump out multiple exercise videos a week with a repeatable format. Once they've pinned down their tone and added their brand elements into the platform, business owners can quickly utilize templates to simplify the creation process—so much that literally anyone inside a company can create their own video or mini web series.

To do this, Magisto users can employ its app Chant. Start by choosing a use case (like "webinar invitation") or desired goal ("engage followers," "drive sales"); Chant then provides hundreds of pre-made, flexible templates, along with the instructions on how to customize the content.

Beyond the obvious appeal of the finished products, Magisto has allowed business owners to create an entire workflow—from capturing, to publishing, to sharing—in a highly efficient and simple way. "The beauty of it is that each video looks different and unique, yet it follows some predictable structure that viewers have learned to expect," Boiman says.

Take ownership of video communication and watch your business grow.

Companies have routinely outsourced crucial video communication to third parties, and while there are still specific cases where that makes sense, the pace, quantity, and specificity at which most videos are needed these days prohibits this option (as do deadlines and budgets). "Video done through third parties resembles the age where you needed a secretary to print a memo," Boiman says.

But with an easy-to-use product like Magisto, entrepreneurs can control the message of their brand video and observe first-hand what works and what doesn't in their video strategy. From his experience, Boiman explains, the time, money, and mental energy saved by bringing simplified video in-house reap benefits that might be unimaginable to a business owner who's still boomeranging content to an agency, hoping to get back something useable.

In "an arms race of content quality," as Boiman sees it, business owners need to "level up the content they want to generate" if they want to stay competitive. Magisto leaves its customers with high-caliber video to get more eyes on their businesses, but also with invaluable time and financial resources to allocate elsewhere.

Click here to learn more about Magisto's AI-powered video tools and services.


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