What Does It Take to Convince a Billionaire to Invest? With their public offerings open, it's time to meet "The King." TREBEL tries to land a billionaire investor while Hammitt's founder channels his inner James Bond. Finally, mentor Jeff Hoffman joins Going Public® to provide a masterclass in branding and scalability as our founders continue their public offering journeys.

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It's time to meet "The King". Billionaire investor Chris Burch is the co-founder of retail juggernaut Tory Burch and founder/CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Burch, whose majority stake in C Wonder pushed his net worth over the 10-figure mark, joins Going Public® as a potential investor. Each company will have a shot to pitch and see if he will add their company to his investment portfolio.

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Also on the show is serial entrepreneur and businessman Jeff Hoffman, who is the first of three mentors. Hoffman has been a part of some very successful startups including Priceline.com, Booking.com, and Ubid.com, and his goal is to help the founders navigate the ins and outs of being a public company while scaling. Hoffman believes that founders need to focus on building a brand, product positioning, and knowing as much as they possibly can about their consumers. He challenges the ladies of PROVEN to blend their science with emotion for a stronger consumer connection.

Meanwhile across town, Hammitt CEO Tony Drockton releases his inner James Bond to create arguably one of the most adventurous investor videos ever made.

And finally, Jeff sits down with the founders of NGT Academy to discuss the "Zero to Engineer" concept behind their company.

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