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Why You Should Invest in a Business Phone System

How having centralized communications can help streamline your business as it grows.

As your business grows, so do your needs. Instead of relying on cellular phones for important business, consider investing in a centralized phone system to keep you and your team organized.


Today's businesses are highly mobile, with employees frequently positioned out in the field or away from their desks and dependent on personal cell phones. While this may streamline business efficiencies by allowing employees to conduct work remotely, it can also complicate communications.

When you're ready to upgrade from cell phone-only communications, you should keep the following factors top of mind as you choose between solutions.

Features-rich system to organize calls in one place.

The No. 1 benefit of a business phone system is centralized communications. With a solution like the VTech CM-series 4-Line Small Business Phone System, customers can be directed to the right department just by dialing your office's main landline number, ensuring that calls do not get dropped. This process streamlines communications in a way cell phone communications can't.

Further, a phone system can seamlessly support call forwarding/central messaging for when an employee is unavailable. Voicemails left in the general mailbox can be immediately transferred to another extension with just the push of a button. During emergency situations when cell phone towers and other infrastructure services may be overloaded or unavailable, full-featured phone systems have a power failure operation, ensuring that your business can continue to operate.

Ease of setup and maintenance.

For a growing company without a dedicated IT department, setup is the last thing you want to worry about. With the VTech CM-series phone system, setup is an absolute breeze. The whole process can be done in less than 60 minutes without the need for additional support from a phone company or professional installation service.

All you have to do is connect the main console to an analog phone line(s) and then plug in the wireless deskset. That's it. The deskset will automatically register to the local network and connect to your main console. Assigning extension numbers for each department and recording an auto-attendant script can all be taken care of in a matter of minutes.

Affordability and expandability.

As your business grows, it is important to integrate solutions that reduce overhead costs and help the bottom line. With an analog business phone system, you have total ownership of the device, avoiding costly and long-term maintenance fees associated with virtual and cloud-based alternatives; additionally, there are no installation fees associated with the system. You can easily and inexpensively add cordless headset/handsets as your needs grow. Analog business phones are a great choice for small businesses on a budget that may not be able to invest in IP-enabled PBX hardware or a hosted VoIP service, or don't have a robust IT department dedicated to handling phone system setup and technical issues.

Watching your business grow is an exceptional experience, one that represents the culmination of years of work, planning and preparation. With the VTech CM-series 4-Line Small Business Phone System, your business will always be prepared to meet the tasks at hand and stay in touch with everyone who depends on you.


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