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Yili Became the First Asian Formula Brand to Attend UK Food Matters Live Exhibition

On November 20th, the fifth Food Matters Live (FML) exhibition was held at London's ExCeL. As the first cross-sector event in the UK and the leading food event in the world, FML took three days and featured over 550 leading companies exceling in the food, drink, and nutrition sectors with advanced technology, and over 20,000 experts and professionals communicating about the latest research findings and new trends in the food industry.

Courtesy of Yili Group

At the exhibition, a Chinese brand caught the attention of the attendees. PRO-KIDO®, the master formula brand of Yili Group, was the first Asian formula brand to be invited by FML and was a "Best Better-for-You Ingredient of the Year" award finalist.

On November 21st, Dr. Adrienne Weiss, the Open Innovation Project Leader from Yili Innovation Center Europe, introduced the international breastfeeding situation and reported the achievements of the Yili Group's research on Chinese breast milk. She also discussed the innovative protein combination of "alpha + beta" from a scientific angle and explained how Yili applies its research results to Yili's PRO-KIDO®, a very famous infant formula brand in China.

PRO-KIDO®'s breakthrough could not be possible without Yili's 16-year Chinese breast milk research. It is the R&D platform based on the "Chinese Breast Milk Research" that made PRO-KIDO® become the "Chinese Legend."

As early as 2003, Yili has taken the lead in breast milk research. In 2007, Yili established China's first enterprise "breast research database," which has accumulated more than 1 million in data of breast milk nutrient so far. Yili has successively made breakthroughs in α-lactalbumin, β-casein, OPO structural lipids, nucleotides, and breast milk oligosaccharides research. Yili obtained the patent "Infant formula of α-lactalbumin and β-casein and its preparation method," which won the China Patent Excellence Award and was also applied into PRO-KIDO® products. In 2018, through collaboration with the world's top universities and research institutions, it was a new milestone for Yili to upgrade the Yili Maternal and Child Nutrition Research Institute and the European Innovation Center to strengthen their research on breast milk further.

As a major player in the global dairy industry, the Chinese dairy market has become the focus of the world dairy industry, which puts higher demands on dairy companies. The Chinese dairy enterprises represented by Yili are winning the recognition and respect of the world with practical actions. Pursuing the world's top quality, Chinese dairy enterprises focus on breastmilk research, gather the world's advanced technology, and try to establish the "Chinese Brand Formula."

Yili Group

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