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You've Heard of Bitcoin and Blockchain. Now We Have 'Bitcoin Pens.' An exclusive Q+A with Matvey Briling, CEO of Ancora 1919.

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This time we interviewed Matvey Briling who is a CEO of the Ancora 1919 pen manufacturing company which is creating gorgeous-looking exclusive Bitcoin pens. The company disclaims mass production in favor of manual labor, the brand ensures its future, based on the strong traditions of the past, being thus true to its founder and name.

Ancora 1919 is creating Bitcoin pens which are the first pens of «Crypto-Currency» collection. Company is planning pre-production and production stage of sales where the customers will get the opportunity to purchase these pens at more attractive price than at retail.

You are doing extraordinary business connecting pens with Bitcoin. How did you come up with this idea and what's the vision behind it?
I was very interested in blockchain technology already for couple of years. And as myself a great pen enthusiast, I decided to make this pen. There are many people who still are not involved in blockchain community. It is very stylish and elegant matter, when you describe them the technology using paper and a nice luxury pen. Our pen series are limited as Bitcoin itself. They are all numbered. We are making only 88 fountain pens and 888 rollerballs.

Your pens associate with gold and bitcoin which is kind of a luxury these days. Are you tapping into international luxury market? What is your expansion plan?
We are already well known in the pen-collectors market as each of our pens has a great history and are masterpieces.

Nowadays we are getting a lot of interest from new customers from Asia, Middle East and U.S. In 2018 we will focus on development of our retail chain throughout all over the world. That's why we start to produce such pens as Panda in limited edition of 888 roller balls. The same number 888 rollers will be in cryptocurrency pens.

Cryptocurrency is an extremely hot topic, are you thinking to produce Ethereum pens as well or some other related to cryptocurrency?
We are definitely going to do the collection of pens. Also in our Telegram channel you can vote for new series. As a matter of fact, we are planning to make Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash and other crypto leaders.

Are you planning to do an ICO? What is your opinion about the ICO bubble?
We are not planning to do an ICO for the Ancora pens, but we are planning to do an ICO for our other company - Cyber Racing Center in Cyprus.

As you are producing luxury pens, are you thinking to add other products to your sales inventory in 2018?Briling: The company was established in 1919, and since then, we are making pens. We are not planning to do inks, leather accessories and notebooks as we are family owned pen company. We are making beautiful pens and we are going to continue doing it.

In 2018, we will make five to six very beautiful pens which will be dedicated to different historic moments. Also, we are making special series for private and corporate clients.

What is your attitude to cryptocurrencies?
We believe that it will definitely will change the world. We start to accept BTC and ETH for sales since May 2017. Apparently, many people find it an easy option to pay with cryptocurrency.