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Join over 26 countries worldwide and growing and become a part of innovative and rapidly growing brand. LEGO and K'nex bricks are not just toys, it reinvents learning!

Business Type: Franchise

Startup Costs: $33,500 - $100,000

Can be run part-time: Yes


Young Engineers enrichment programs combine Education & Entertainment = EDUTAINMENT. We created a variety of different programs that can be used to teach science, technology, engineering, math (STEM). Children joining our educational community can learn and enjoy arithmetic, physics, and mechanical and software engineering.

We have developed special programs and workshops suited for children at both ends of the learning spectrum, from gifted children to those with learning disabilities. We operate in schools, libraries, museums, community centers, to name a few. Statistical tests show a clear connection between participation in our e² Young Engineers programs and success at school and development of an arc of skills.   

Franchise Opportunities 

In 2011, Amir was awarded by Prince Charles with the Youth Business International Entrepreneur of The Year honor, highlighting the impact e² Young Engineers has made on individual students and their communities.

In an effort to provide children across the world the opportunity to benefit from the e² Young Engineers program, the company began franchising the business in 2012. e² Young Engineers is spread of to 26 different countries throughout the globe in the last two and a half years.

Today, e² Young Engineers is dedicated to sharing its unique method of edutainment across the globe. e² Young Engineers can offer you a model that can suit your capabilities and skills such as a Local or Master Franchise.  


  •  Working with a statistically-proven product
  •  Fast ROI
  •  Numerous options to diversify revenue stream
  •  Using innovative approaches that are being promoted by highly- regarded academic institutions
  •  Modest investment 
  •  Flexible working hours
  •  Comprehensive training program for new franchisees
  •  Managerial, financial planning and logistical support 
  •  Fast-growing industry 
  •  Working with the only children’s education company to have its own Research and Development team and its own app
  •  Maximize your potential with birthdays parties, summer camps, workshops.


A few of our many testimonials:

“I was reaching the point where I wanted something different from my career and as soon as I heard about the e² Young Engineers, I immediately fell in love with the concept. Working with children and helping to plant the seeds of science, technology, math and engineering in their minds is beyond satisfying.”- Guy Shaham- Oakland, Michigan

“Overall, owning my own e² Young Engineers franchise has been a great experience. The children in these courses show so much potential, and they just need the right platform to succeed. You can see that the kids are really engaged in the lessons and it is a joy to watch their faces light up as they build. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from parents and teachers and demand is constantly growing.”- John Rodriguez- San Diego, California

“The e² Young Engineers program is worth it because it truly works. I firmly believe that the children across the globe need a program like this to help them understand important concepts in a fun way. I see positive changes first-hand with each child I work with and am very happy to have made this change in my career to become an e² Young Engineers franchisee.”- Katerina Romanovskaia - Minsk, Belarus

"e² Young Engineers business opened a new chapter in my life. I wanted to open a business to give children a great experience to learn. For me, since signing up as the first UK franchisee in 2013, I have not looked back. I kept growing as well as learning. The best reward is to see the childrens face light up when they complete building their models and get to play with it. The sessions are always filled with children enjoying playing and working with others." -Smita Shah - Young Engineers Middlesex, United Kingdom


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