Merry Maids

Own an in-demand business that’s simple, practical and scalable. Franchise with Merry Maids® and be ready to win business.

Business Type: Franchise

Startup Costs: $66,500 - $80,500

Financing Available: Yes

If you are looking for a business opportunity with a thriving future and solid support from a trusted company, a Merry Maids cleaning franchise is for you. With more than 30 years of experience, Merry Maids is the world leader in the residential industry with more than 900 cleaning franchises in the U.S. and Canada, and more opening all the time.

Cleaning Franchise Market Profile

The most precious commodity today is time. People are starved for it and increasingly willing to pay for services that afford them more leisure. The number of dual-income families keeps growing. More than 70 percent of women in the United States now work outside the home. Plus, the maturing baby boomer population has disposable income and better things to do than clean house. Industry experts predict demand for maid service will continue to grow at an accelerated rate as time-starved consumers continue to buy time-saving services well into the 21st century. The combination of these factors, along with Merry Maids experience and name-brand awareness, makes us the leader in the industry.

A System That Works

The Merry Maids unique professional home cleaning system combines efficient two-person cleaning teams with effective management and proven marketing procedures. Regardless of your previous experience, our systematic approach to training, cleaning, office management and developing your customer base can give you the confidence to succeed with your own home cleaning franchise.

Extensive Training Prepares You Thoroughly.

Your Merry Maids franchise fee includes the cleaning franchise industry's most comprehensive training curriculum. An all-encompassing, eight-day Home Office training program is followed by in-depth interaction with the Merry Maids franchise development team and assistance from an established franchise owner. This two-part agenda covers all the preparation, procedures and systems necessary to develop, manage and operate a home cleaning franchise.

Hands-On Help

Company instructors with real-world home cleaning franchise experience teach the Merry Maids method of hiring, training, marketing, selling, scheduling and cleaning. The combination of franchise training manuals, videotape presentations, interactive computer CD-ROM training, on-the-job experience, computer instruction and the latest field instructional techniques give you a practical, well-rounded understanding of all facets of the Merry Maids cleaning franchise operation.

Team Member Franchise Training

Our specialized two-person team cleaning concept and incentive pay systems attract full-time and part-time workers who seek daytime hours, flexible schedules and above-average pay. Our team members are our greatest assets.

For this reason, your initial cleaning franchise fee also includes a comprehensive package of instructional tools and materials to help you select, train, develop and compensate team members. Beyond cleaning training videos, Merry Maids provides a large library of hiring and safety video presentations, customized recognition and reward programs and a team member newsletter. When properly trained, scheduled and motivated, each two-member team can normally clean three to four homes per day.