Happy Tax

Happy Tax’s CPAs handle the tax prep so you can focus on business development. No risky leases or costly employees. We teach you proven marketing techniques.

Business Type: Franchise

Startup Costs: $13,400 - $29,000

Can be operated from home: Yes
Financing Available: Yes
Can be run part-time: Yes

The Only Way to Start a Tax Business Without Learning Taxes - Or Quitting Your Job


Why Happy Tax

Our executives are entrepreneurs with a combined 100 years of business ownership experience.  Although our executive team are not CPAs, you can bet we know a thing or two about starting and growing strong businesses.

Happy Tax Believes That No One Deserves To Go At It Alone! We Do This By Providing Support, Innovation, Technology, And Convenience And Creating A Better Way Of Filing Taxes!

  • Innovative Franchise
    Our patent pending process and technology gives you more time to grow your business.
  • 150 Million Tax Returns
    Nearly 150 million returns are filed each year. At Happy Tax, these are your prospective clients.
  • Industry Leading Support
    Happy Tax’s executive team provides world class operational and marketing support.


Who Is A Good Fit To Be A Franchisee?

You don't have to quit your job to earn extra money. Being a Happy Tax franchisee, you won't have to do the tax returns yourself, which gives you more time to enjoy your life without working yourself to the bone.

If your goal is to become a full-time entrepreneur, becoming a Happy Tax franchisee will give you the ability to ramp up your business to a level where you can comfortably quit your old job. You'll be able to focus on doing what you enjoy instead of doing what you have to do. Plus, the tax business is seasonal so you'll have plenty of time for your family, friends, favorite activities and important endeavors.

Happy Tax franchisees help people by making sure their taxes are prepared accurately. That’s easy to do because all of our tax returns are expertly prepared by our Happy CPAs. You will be the one interacting with the customers, guiding them through the process, and ensuring a positive experience. Your strong people skills combined with our Happy CPAs tax code knowledge and math skills are what make all the difference for our customers.


What You Get When You Join

Three Different Life Changing Investment Levels:

  • Franchise (Zee) - Access to our patent pending technology, our marketing, training, email and phone support and a fresh way to run a tax business. You source the clients, our CPA's do the taxes. You pay an upfront franchise fee and keep the majority of the revenue (only pay our low royalty and tax prep fees). You own the client book of business as a sellable asset. You can also recruit Independent Contractors to build a team to source tax returns for you. Investment: $20,000.
  • Independent Contractor (IC) - Access to our patent pending technology, our marketing, training, email support and a fresh way to run a tax business. You source the clients, our CPA's do the taxes. You pay an upfront on-boarding fee and keep 40% of the revenue. Happy Tax owns the client book of business. You can receive a referral fee if you recruit any Independent Contractors but not a portion of their revenue. Investment: $500.
  • Area Representative (AR) - You buy the rights to a county (or larger) and become a partner with Happy Tax. The revenue received from all franchise fees, royalties  zee’s and IC's’ in that area are split with you 50%/50%. We include a franchise with all Area Rep deals. Area Reps are responsible for assisting with lead generation in their area as well as coaching their franchisees in addition to the support, training and technology we provide to them. Investment: $50,000 and up.


Industry Leading Expertise And Marketing

We do the heavy lifting so you don't have to. 

  • Proven Track Record
    Our experienced and accomplished executives and ops team will be there for you to help you build your business successfully. Weekly calls, email, tech and client support are all included. We provide your business back-office for you so you can focus on growth.
  • Industry Leading Marketing Strategy
    Receive weekly marketing tips from our VP of Marketing. We teach you our proven marketing methods and strategies to help you find more clients and see higher returns! We provide "done for you" marketing to implement.
  • Expert Customer Support
    Spend your time on what matters most! Our expert support team will handle all customer questions, processing and support for you, so you can make the money that you deserve and focus on being a true entrepreneur.


The Happy Tax Process

  1. Meet Your Client
    Using The Happy Tax Intranet, You Will Have Access To All Of The Marketing, Training And Tools Needed To Attract And Market To New And Existing Clients. As You Find Client, It's As Simple As Setting A Place To Meet And Spending 10-15 Minutes Filling Out The Happy Tax App To Submit A Return.
  2. Submit Return
    Right In Our Happy Tax App, You'll Enter In The Client's Basic Information, Ask Them Our Simple Tax Questionnaire And Take Pictures Of Their Tax Documents. Press Send And We Handle The Rest! Returns Completed, Clients Called To Explain Their Refund And Digital Signatures Collected.
  3. Get Paid!
    You'll Earn From $135 To $395 Per Return Depending On How Complex The Client's Return Is. We Pay You Weekly By ACH Right To Your Bank Account Or Pre-Paid Debit Card. With So Many Tax Returns Being Filed Each Year, There Is No End To The Amount Of Money You Can Make!