The Brass Tap

The Brass Tap

The Brass Tap is more than your local craft beer bar. It is a place where people come together for live music, trivia and sports. 60 taps is ideal when offering a variety of fresh local and regional craft beer. Also, offering premium wines and crafted cocktails with a menu to compliment the beer.
Business Type
Startup Costs
$791,967 - $1,327,475
Can be run part-time

Craft Beer Bar Franchise

Primed To Lead The Category

We are not just any craft beer bar franchise. We are The Brass Tap. Our growth in the past five years alone proves we understand how to build – and maintain – category leadership.

Why are we among the best bar franchises available? Simple. We have gone to great lengths to craft the ultimate guest experience while creating a manageable business model that maximizes your investment potential. For the astute entrepreneur seeking bar franchise opportunities, the Brass Tap delivers by redefining the franchise bar concept itself.

From our superior offerings ... to an unforgettable atmosphere ... to live entertainment ... and fare that sets a new standard ... we offer the ultimate bar franchise business opportunity.

Our Guests Never Settle. Why Should You?

There's a reason our newest guests quickly become regulars.Bar Franchise Business Opportunity

Beyond the welcoming, upscale environment is a craft beer bar that offers up to 60 different craft beers on tap including popular local brews ... plus more than 100 varieties of imports. And to ensure our selections stay current, we constantly seek out the best beers from all regions around the world, rotating our taps continuously so guests can always discover a new favorite. 

Yet we are so much more than a craft beer bar. We are an entertainment destination built around a sophisticated craft beer bar concept. Guests can catch the game on a high-def TV one day, and be treated to live music or trivia the next, depending on the night. And when they’re in the mood for something other than a great craft beer, they can choose from craft cocktails and premium wines in our full-liquor bar. If that doesn’t sound like a typical craft beer bar franchise ... it’s not.

Localized Offerings. World-Class Hospitality.

Think of our brand as your neighborhood craft beer bar – only completely reimagined to offer far more than a typical beer bar experience. How? First, we optimize each Brass Tap’s extensive beer menu based on local preferences, and we keep such preferences in a fresh rotation throughout the year. Why? This gives guests in each locale “their own” Brass Tap.

We Know How To Attract Guests- And Keep Them.

Upscale Bar Food

In addition to our offerings as a beer bar franchise, we offer a full liquor bar to keep all our guests happy as the night progresses and tastes shift. As for our fare, The Brass Tap doesn't do "bar food". Our selections (including shareables) elevate expectations within the category by putting a premium up-scale twist on classic favorites. We also offer live entertainment, which means there's always something going on at The Brass Tap – from live music ... to trivia nights ... to exclusive beer tastings.


Perfectly Packaged. Ready to Implement.

  • We are an ideal bar franchise option for ease of execution.Craft beer brewery at work
  • Having smaller, more manageable-sized staffing requirements simplifies ownership.
  • Our locations are perfectly sized (3,200 – 3,600 square feet, inclusive of an outdoor patio, is the sweet spot).
  • Our new all-in-one POS system offers an affordable cloud-based platform.
  • A proven loyalty program that rewards customers for each brew purchased: The Brew Crew.
  • We have a unique menu compared to other craft beer franchise opportunities.
  • Guests can also choose from craft cocktails and premium wines thanks to the full-liquor bar.
  • Each location offers HD TVs as well as live events on selected nights – from music to trivia.
  • Our menu can be easily and effectively executed without a chef, offering guests quality and variety to encourage a longer, more satisfying visit.
  • Go from initial interest to opening your own location faster than most food franchises.


Impressing Every Guest... At Every Corner.

It is with this mindset that we have always looked for ways to enhance the guest experience in every meaningful way. It starts when guests enter our beautifully appointed interior, and it continues as a gracious and welcoming staff offers helpful recommendations or highlights special beers on tap. When guests grow hungry and wish to treat their palate, The Brass Tap doesn't disappoint. It is this holistic approach to the guest experience that earns brand loyalty ... making us an elite craft beer bar franchise within the category.

Discover the Upside of Upscale

Among up and coming franchises, The Brass Tap is perfectly suited for investors seeking a multi unit franchise because we are among the most affordable franchises to own. If you’re seeking the best franchise with low investment requirements, we highly encourage you to learn more about the Brass Tap’s master franchise agreement and multiple unit franchising.

Our brand is approachable to guests and investors alike, and for the same reasons. Guests appreciate a consistent experience unmatched by competitors, investors appreciate our business model and its track record for performing.

Looking For The Best Franchise With Low Investment Requirements? The Brass Tap Offers Affordable Franchise Opportunities:

  • Lowest cost in the industry
  • One of the most competitive franchise offerings in the industry
  • Comprehensive business support and training
  • Less complex than running a restaurant (and much more fun)
  • Multi-unit operators a way to invest in the craft beer industry and achieve diversified performing portfolio of locations at a competitive investment to secure exclusive right to entire markets
  • Road map to 5-year multi-unit development inclusive of full franchise multi-function support and preferred financing programs

What Can You Expect As  A Brass Tap Franchisee?

  • Comprehensive 4 weeks training in Tampa and 2 weeks at your bar location scheduled with our business support team a week before you open and a week after you open.
  • Initial investment to be between $700,000 and $1,200,000. So if you have 30 – 40% of the liquid assets required let’s get started. 
  • Net worth of $450,000 per location. Liquid assets of $250,000 per location.
  • $37,500
  • Total estimated investment: $664,050 to $1,223,000 (BT FDD)**.
  • Franchise Royalty Fee: 4% of adjusted gross sales.
  • Marketing Fund Contribution: 1.5% of adjusted gross sales
  • Franchise Agreement Term: 10 years

Good times well crafted - discover the best franchise with low investment

*Per unit development.
**Does not include real estate, based on square footage.


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