Hummus Republic

Hummus Republic

Hummus Republic is redefining fast casual Mediterranean cuisine - serving healthy and fresh flavors, with a hip restaurant experience for those on the go or dining in. We have developed the simplest and most inexpensive franchise platform to set our partners up for success.
Hummus Republic
Business Type
Startup Costs
$122,350 - $311,750
Financing Available

About Hummus Republic

“It's time to create accessibility to healthy, real, delicious meals, and raise the standard of fast food.”

With years of hands on experience, our team has created a simple operation with one of the lowest initial investment costs in the business. Hummus Republic is the only brand in the Mediterranean QSR category who operates under an extremely scalable, simple, and successful system making the business easy and affordable to open and operate for entrepreneurs of all experience levels


Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to bring flavorful, convenient,
and primarily plant based meals to the masses;
to create accessibility to healthy,
real food for more people,
and to raise the standard of fast food.”
-Hummus Republic


Hummus Republic - Game Changer

Hummus Republic has revolutionized the Fast Casual food industry by eliminating the conventional cooking equipment needed to conduct our food preparation. In Fact, Hummus Republic consistently delivers the most vibrant, fresh, and quality Mediterranean food in the business without utilizing any grills, stoves, hoods, grease interceptors, or walk-in freezers. Therefore, we are delivering a simple and profitable platform to our franchisees to succeed.


  • Low equipment cost investment and maintenance.
  • Low food cost, labor cost, and low real estate cost
  • Low initial investment with a quick return on investment.
  • Simple operational oversight.


At Hummus Republic we realize less is more and that smaller locations (450- 2000 sq ft) better fit our business model. This allows us & future franchisees to minimize costs by:

  • Reducing renovation and build out costs
  • Lowering monthly expenses
  • Reducing labor needed
  • Lowering initial investment


Our highly experienced real estate team will work with you to help you find the best location for your new restaurant.

Build Out:
Our team will help you find a contractor, assist with permitting, design, and layout details, and come visit our location during the renovation to oversee the construction process.

We provide initial training two weeks before you begin operations and ongoing training as necessary.

We will assist you in setting up accounts and getting in communication with our approved suppliers. Our suppliers will provide you with the ingredients needed according to our instructions and recipes.

Ongoing Support:
As promised, we’re with you every step of the way. We provide national marketing campaigns and PR to create a buzz in your area. As a Hummus Republic franchisee, we work with you to make sure your store has everything it needs to succeed.