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Business & Franchise Opportunities

Business Opportunities


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With more than 11,000 franchisees around the world, Jani-King is truly The King of Clean.

Business Type: Franchise

Startup Costs: $11,000 - $19,695

Financing Available: Yes
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Jani-King is one of the world's most inspiring stories and truly represents entrepreneurial spirit. With tremendous vision and passion, Jani-King was the first company to transform the franchise concept to fit the commercial cleaning industry. The concept that a business owner would provide higher standards and deliver better service to customers forever changed the cleaning industry and the lives of countless franchise owners.

Franchise Opportunities

With more than 120 regional support offices in 14 countries, Jani-King is a brand name that is respected around the world. In fact, Jani-King partners with the best of the best to keep that name at the top of the industry. Current partnerships include PGA of America, Dallas Cowboys, Richard Petty Motorsports, Washington Redskins, Texas Rangers, Columbus Blue Jackets and many more. Jani-King is a proven franchise system that has been in business for more than 40 years.

Through innovation and experience, Jani-King delivers unmatched support to its franchisees. From initial and ongoing training to administrative and operational support Jani-King knows what it takes to help franchisees grow a successful business. Part of that effort is staying on the cutting edge of technology and cleaning processes. Jani-King franchisees benefit from the access to the latest equipment, customized software and specialized training.