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Business & Franchise Opportunities

Business Opportunities
Huntington Learning Centers, Inc.

Huntington Learning Centers, Inc.

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Join the #1 revenue producing tutoring franchise for under $100,000

Business Type: Franchise

Startup Costs: $98,000 - $204,000

Can be operated from home: Yes
Financing Available: Yes
Can be run part-time: Yes
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- Huntington Learning Center Hosts Annual Franchise Convention Oct. 19-21, 2016, in Hollywood, FL

- Huntington Announces New In-House Financing

Business Type: Franchise

Startup Costs: $98,000 - $204,000

Can be operated from home: No

Financing Available: Yes

Can be run part-time: Yes

Key Huntington facts


Outstanding student results

  • Students improve over 2 grade levels in reading and math combined in just 3 months
  • Students increase an average of 4 ACT points or 190 SAT points in 2.5 months
  • Centers are accredited by the same organizations that accredit local schools, a recognition of excellence that few other tutoring companies earn
  • No prior education experience, required. Most of our franchisees come from non-education backgrounds

Industry leading revenue

  • Revenues 61% higher than the closest competitor
  • Tutoring is a fast-growing $4.9 billion industry that has been called “immune to recession” by The New  York Times
  • 34% average franchise center revenue growth 2009 – 2015
  • Low initial investment
  • Multiple revenue lines for students K-12

Our story:

Guided by the customer centric principle that great learning yields top earnings we have grown to nearly 300 franchise and corporately owned centers nationwide since we opened the first location 1977.   The founders, Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Eileen Huntington, still own and run the business and are proud to say that the average franchisee not only earns 61% more revenue than the closest competitor, but has also seen their sales grow by 32% since 2009. Our world class support, efficient start up and strong industry will set you up for a financially and personally rewarding investment.

Veteran offer: 

Huntington honors the courage and service of our military with a 50% initial fee reduction – that’s a savings of $11,000!

Marketing—a trusted brand

  • Customized Strategy: We help you develop a high-impact marketing plan tailored to your market, consisting of everything from our leading digital media playbook to TV ads
  • Insight-Based Branding: Our brand positioning is based on deep consumer research and analysis
  • Operational excellence
  • Grand Opening Support: Our “Steps to Success” program for new owners will help you generate top results from day one
  • Training: You’ll receive comprehensive hands-on initial and ongoing training and 24/7 access to our full library of online modules
  • Franchise Business Consultant: You will have your own consultant to help you grow your business
  • National Call Center: Located at headquarters, the call center converts inquiring parents into customers Seamless eCenter technology
  • Learning Center Operating System: Our proprietary operating system enables effective and efficient business processes
  • Navigator: Our next generation instructional system, Navigator, delivers enhanced personalized learning, high-impact teacher management, streamlined training, instantaneous reporting and increased profitability
  • KPI Dashboard: A comprehensive on-demand display of key performance indicators so you can make data-driven decisions

*Data is for all franchise centers open in 2014, except for Kumon, which is for centers open for three or more years. Huntington, Sylvan, and Mathnasium revenues are as reported in Item 19 of their Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD). We estimated ClubZ! from its FDD-reported financial statement as total franchisor revenue, less purchase of trademarked material and software fees, divided by the average royalty rate, then divided by number of franchise centers. We estimated Kumon revenue using data from its FDD Item 19 and a survey of its centers as average center enrollment multiplied by an average monthly enrollment charge of $120, plus registration fees of $50 and materials fees of $30 for half of its enrollments. We also evaluated Eye Level, Grade Power, and JEI, but could not estimate their revenue