Business Idea Center - Page: 2 - Business Services

Business Form Templates

Get businesses started on the right foot by supplying them with business form templates.

Protocol Consultant

Stickler for rules? Know business backwards and forwards? Become a protocol consultant.

Rental Business

Choose a popular product--anything from purses to party tents--and rent it out for a fee.

Mailbox Center

Find a convenient location and turn your business into a mailbox center.

Sales Trainer

Use your superb sales smarts to help companies boost sales.shes

Meeting and Boardroom Facilities

Many small businesses don't have their own boardroom. Woo them with attractive facilities.

Inventory Service

Recording inventory for a business can save them days of valuable time.


Help opposing sides find common ground.

Record Storage

This business acts as a warehouse for another company's legal documents and files.

Small Business Coach

Inspire success in other entrepreneurs as a small business coach.

Temporary Help Agency

Connect qualified workers with businesses in need of temporary help.

Translation Service

Speak multiple languages? Go into the translating business.

Utility Auditing Service

Help clients save money by auditing their utility use and bills.

Virtual Human Resources Consultant

Help companies too small to have and HR department on hand as a virtual HR consultant.

Awning Cleaning

Do you love cleaning, but hate being indoors? Try out an awning cleaning business.