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MENA startups, here’s your chance to represent the region’s opportunities. The Arab Conference at Harvard, a prominent pan-Arab conference in US, has commenced its call for applications for its startup pitching competition. Now in its 11th edition, and under the theme of ‘Claiming tomorrow,’ the conference seeks to bridge political, economic and social differences of the region, as well as focus on notable solutions from the region. Organized by the Harvard Arab Alumni Association, along with the Harvard Business School MENA club, it will be held on November 9-12, 2017, with expected participants of over 1,300 students and professionals.

A highlight of the conference will be the startup pitching competition, all

In the competitive landscape of high achieving companies, there are only a select number of entrepreneurs who have recognized that, first and foremost, the nurturing of a team is key in spearheading rapid growth. But when it comes to managing one’s team, it’s important to remember that not every strategy can spur a significant impact, or get the desired result that you may be working to achieve. Effective team management is crucial for the development -and the overall success- of your company or brand.

There have been many successful companies in the Middle East who have accelerated their business by virtue of their well-structured team that adds value to the company, and in turn, feel valued by their colleagues. Amir Shaikh, founder and CEO of the Dubai-based Gig Tricks, notes that the way...

For the majority of new B2B companies, the major challenge is turning the well-know mantra "under-promise and over-deliver: into a reality. Once you have signed your first clients, delivering on their expectations is a must. However, as in any business field working with certain deliverables, companies struggle in finding the right bond between their business execution and their client's vision from the very beginning. 

The success of your business is dependent upon your client's satisfaction with your services. In order to make sure that you will deliver up to their expectations, follow this simplified checklist meant to help you clarify an often blurred strategy. 

1. Understand your client's vision  Every project starts with a vision. The client's culture, workplace environment, and corpor...


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