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This 3D Printing Technology Will Power the Global Cultivated Meat Market

Steakholder Foods (NASDAQ: STKH) is developing industry leading capabilities that are positioned to serve as the backbone of the growing cultivated meat ecosystem


How a Doctor Began a Wellness Company Focused On Healthier, Hydrated Air

Dr. Hyung Joo Kim founded Carepod which continues to advocate for healthier living through clean, hydrated air


This Entrepreneur Seeks To Revolutionize the Field Of Civil Protection Equipment

In a world that is increasingly dangerous, Moshe Oz's Ardix is helping to keep people safe


This CEO Explains What Corporate America Will Look Like In the Metaverse

Dorian Banks explains what Looking Glass Labs really does and how it will affect the future of corporate America

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Yuan Pay Group Releases Yuan Pay Coin, And Investors Are Going All-In

Yuan Pay Group announced its latest addition to the decentralized currency portfolio called the Yuan Pay Coin.

News and Trends

Is It time For Vape Businesses To Become More Responsible?

Starting your own business is a venture that many of us dream of. For many, this dream becomes a reality, and with it comes both rewarding and challenging moments

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