How This Medical Supplies Company Is Helping Substance Abuse Center In North Carolina Get Back To Work During COVID-19

For a person like Kevin McDonald, giving back has come easy over the years

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Kevin McDonald served as the president and CEO of TROSA (short for Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers) from its inception in the early 90's until stepping aside from his duties last July due to health concerns. After 26 years, McDonald's legacy has helped aid in the recovery of hundreds of people faced with substance abuse problems. Based in Durham, North Carolina, TROSA is a licensed treatment facility which helps individuals with substance use disorders become healthy and productive members of their communities, neighborhoods, and families.

Founded in 1994, the organization launched from the Old North Durham Elementary with 30 residents has become one of the premiere outreach programs and facilities throughout North Carolina thanks to forming partnerships with the likes of Duke University Medical Center. Today, TROSA helps more than 500 residents end their substance abuse and build new lives. The program provides housing, health care and rehabilitation for substance abusers at no cost. It also places residents in work programs, including TROSA's moving company, lawn-care service, thrift and frame shop or Christmas tree lots during the holidays.

With their dedicated staff, TROSA extends their care to individuals and their families in need of help, care, and support on a daily basis. In addition to offering programs on co-occurring mental illness, TROSA also specializes in therapies for women and individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder as well as continuing care services for graduates including relapse prevention groups; transportation to/from work or school; and safe, sober housing.

Rooted in Kevin McDonald's gift for simply caring for others, TROSA has remained focused on their mission in the face of a world health crisis: caring for individuals with substance use disorders so they can become healthy and productive once again.

Keeping TROSA staff members and their patients safe and protected is a major need for their organization, CovCare recently donated multiple boxes of 3-ply disposable face masks so TROSA can continue their important work in the community. Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic back in early March, non-profit organizations were some of the hardest hit with lack of funding and the ability to reach people in a person-to-person setting.

"We have faced many unforeseen challenges this year due to the COVID pandemic. TROSA is a residential treatment program where residents live and vocationally train in TROSA housing and properties. Our residents' health is of the utmost importance and has been a top priority since day one," said Michael McLawhorn, TROSA In-Kind Senior Manager.

"Due to our congregate living situation, maintaining the sanitation of our properties and providing masks for our residents has been a key component to preventing COVID from showing up in our community. The extra financial burden to supply the community with the needed disinfectant, masks, and cleaning supplies has been a challenge. With the generosity of companies like CovCare the financial burden has been easier to bear."

Rooted in Kevin McDonald's gift for simply caring for others, TROSA has remained focused on their mission in the face of a world health crisis: caring for individuals with substance use disorders so they can become healthy and productive once again. Earlier this month, TROSA celebrated an important milestone for their extended community after opening The TROSA Comprehensive Care Center just three short years ago. The Comprehensive Care Center houses important medical, counseling, and intake departments and stands as a reminder just how far TROSA has come and where they desire to go as a treatment facility.

"Maintaining the health of our residents with face mask requirements has been easier to facilitate with the masks CovCare supplied to TROSA," McLawhorn explained.

"Once we expressed our need for masks, CovCare diligently worked towards supplying us with a generous donation."

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