3 Key Secrets To Building the Know, Like, And Trust Factor In Today's Digital Economy

Marian Esanu believes you must build trust by producing quality content that shows you can solve your customer's problems

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One of the natural laws in business is that individuals seek to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Eight-figure entrepreneur Marian Esanu explains that "you must build trust by producing quality content that shows you can solve your customer's problems."

Marian believes it's not about who you know; it's about who knows you. The business tycoon is also a personal branding strategist, podcaster, and investor, who specializes in helping service-based business owners and online creators build an omnipresent profitable personal brand.


He shares 3 key secrets for personal brands to build the know, like and trust factor in today's fast-moving digital economy.

Step 1: Know the exact problem you solve

Marian explains that the first step to building a successful personal brand is understanding the exact problem you solve for your customers. The more you can narrow it down, the better because if you try to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no one.

He also states, "knowing the frustrations or needs your business addresses is a vital part of building your personal brand. Ask your target customers what they appreciate most about your business, and use their answers to improve your messaging."

Step 2: Seek out the biggest influencers in your industry

Regardless of your niche or industry, Marian shares that it can be beneficial to identify how other influencers create engaging content and host Q&A sessions. However, you should always use your own voice, style and tone instead of copying another content creator's work.

Marian explains that "once you have a list of 10 influencers, you can start identifying their most successful pieces of content. On YouTube (long form and YouTube shorts), you

can search for videos by popularity. TikTok shows you the most viral trends and

the number of views each video has. Instagram also allows you to see how many views someone's IG reels have, and you can research hashtags and viral songs."

Step 3: Offer quality content and provide a solution

In order to monetize your personal brand and be seen as an expert within your niche, you must showcase your knowledge and expertise. Marian's recommended approach is to

create free, quality content.

Creating one piece of content in vertical format means you can repurpose it into content that can be shared across all platforms, such as Youtube shorts, Instagram reels, Tiktok, and Facebook.

Marian explains that you should never reinvent the wheel when it comes to content creation, as everything you need can already be found online.

In addition, when it comes to choosing a niche, he suggests entrepreneurs dig deeper into what makes them unique. What does your business offer that no one else in the market can? By answering this question, you'll be able to highlight your unique value proposition and stand out from others in today's ever-changing landscape of online business.