#4 Tips to Craft Strategic Success Plans in a Challenging 2020 Work, perseverance, dedication and planning are some of the requirements needed to work properly in achieving our purposes

By Kevin Leyes

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Achieving success is a goal we all dream about. From an early age, we visualize goals that we want to achieve, some of them as part of childhood and others become a permanent part of our growth. However, building the path to the goal is not easy.

Work, perseverance, dedication, and planning are some of the requirements needed to work properly in achieving our purposes. Finding a balance can be complex, even more so if our goals are numerous and we are unable to set priorities to achieve them.

What can I do? A success plan can be an appropriate tool to lead us more easily to what we want to do while working on it.

Success plan: What is it?

Similar to an action plan, it is to help us prioritize the goals or objectives we want to achieve, either personally or at work. The success plan works as a tool that allows us to organize the purposes we have and possible actions that lead us to them.

In this way, its elaboration represents a scheme that will allow us to focus on the necessary tasks to reach our goals in an organized way. This will help us see the fruits of each of the steps we take.

A success plan will not be designed to succeed by magic. It is a resource to structure our goals and the steps we must take to reach them.

Why Make a Success Plan

There are many reasons for developing a successful plan.

Experience: While the plan does not guarantee instant success, it does provide the opportunity to take actions that will not only lead you to your goals, but also help you gain more experience. Within the success plan, failures are not exempt; on the contrary, they are part of the way. And they represent a learning process that will help you to start over if necessary, with greater courage.

Flexibility: A success plan gives you more flexibility in managing your goals and objectives. Instead of wanting to achieve them all at once, which can be overwhelming. This process of creation helps you prioritize your goals and move forward with them.

Discipline: Although this element is intrinsic, the realization of a successful plan represents a personal commitment. That is, with it, the person commits to carry out his or her actions to achieve the plan. This represents the development of discipline and perseverance to achieve the goals.

Self-evaluation: A success plan leads us to carry out evaluations of ourselves and to know if we are fulfilling what was established in principle. It allows us to know about what we want and the level of effort we will put into working to achieve our goals.

How To Make an Effort Plan

Success is not achieved by setting goals alone. It is commitment, work and dedication that can differentiate a person who dreams from one who walks in search of it. It is the development of a good plan and its implementation that can distinguish between them.

How to do it? To begin with, there are three elements that can be valuable in building an effective success plan.

Set goals: Without goals, there is no plan to be made. The essence of a successful plan is to establish the goals we want to achieve and the possible actions that will lead to them. It is advisable to find the appropriate time and physical space to think about them in a proper way and to express your ideas.

Consider that these are feasible, real, specific and, if possible, time-limited goals. This will allow you to have more organization than you wish to achieve. This is not a competition or a race.

Be constant: Constancy is a determining element. You must be aware that it will be the work that determines your achievements. The effort, dedication and focus that you maintain within each task, will be the common factor to reach the proposed objectives.

Falling down in front of the first obstacles or mistakes will make it impossible for you to reach your purpose. It is precisely by maintaining focus and continuing that you will make significant progress.

Do not sabotage yourself: Dropping out halfway through, postponing activities, making too many demands on yourself, and making excuses are common factors, especially for fear of failure. It is necessary not to fall into these negative aspects because you would be sabotaging your way to the goal.

It's driving with these aspects that will help you effectively carry out your success plan and achieve what you set out to do. Allow yourself to move forward and learn.

Focus on results: Keeping your eye on the results is what will allow you to grow, learn and continue. Many times we are so focused on the goal that we let go of the important aspects of the process and the results obtained as a result. This is also part of training and learning.

All these elements will allow you to elaborate and develop an effective and favorable success plan to organize your goals and work towards them.

Kevin Leyes

Chairman of Leyes Enterprises, Founder and CEO of Leyes Media and Team Leyes

Kevin Leyes is the Chairman of Leyes Enterprises and the Founder and CEO of Leyes Media, an social media marketing and public relations agency, and Team Leyes, an urban jewelry company. He is an Official Member of the Forbes Business Council and Young Entrepreneur Council.

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