A Formidable Player Enters the International Online Education Market

The creators of Lectera have placed great importance on teaching key skills that will allow users to increase their income.

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By Annie Clain • Apr 29, 2020


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A new strong player is soon to make its appearance in the international online education market—the large multilingual platform, Lectera.com. The launch of the platform is scheduled for the end of the second quarter of 2020. It is currently in beta but ready to start training its first users. From the official launch, training programmes will be available in 10 most popular areas including sales, financial literacy, digital marketing, soft skills and business development, among others.

The creators of the platform have placed great importance on teaching key skills that will allow users to increase their income. This underlines the important principle of Lectera—Money Education (learn to earn).

The founder and CEO of the Lectera platform, Mila Semeshkina, is an international expert on fast and effective training, the author of the unique "Fast education methodology', a popular opinion leader and the author of the international bestseller Learn or leave the market: A practical guide for developing your career and your business.

Her proprietary methodology "Fast education' (fast learning) has become the foundation of Lectera's educational products. Thanks to this, the platform enters the market with a fundamentally new approach to training and skills development.

Online training at Lectera revolves around courses consisting of 20-30 video lessons of 5-10 minutes each, as well as marathons, large educational programmes and other innovative training formats which Lectera has kept under wraps for now developed by a team of platform experts. All training in Lectera contains only focused, key practical knowledge aimed at "the bottom line', and the greatest attention is paid to the formation and training of skills that enable the user to quickly achieve the results he strives for. Lectera deliberately abandons the one-sided "expertise' of copyright courses commonly based on the subjective experience of only one person (even if he is a guru in his field), which is rarely possible to replicate. The training materials are developed by a large international team of more than 150 experts from 18 countries and they are created on the basis of the best practices in the world, proven and time tested to be effective in the field of business. In addition, each educational programme passes 10 levels of content verification, due to which the highest quality and depth of knowledge are achieved.

All educational programmes are available on the platform in four languages—English, German, Spanish and Russian. Lectera is one of the few platforms around the world offering tens of thousands of hours of video and hundreds of thousands of pages of text all individually translated in accordance with local needs and values. As the company states, four languages, is just the beginning. In the third quarter of 2020, a fifth language will be added—Hindi. The CEO and founder of the project, Semeshkina, confirmed that in the next few years the platform will be available in 20 languages. However, she emphasised that localization into each language requires serious investment, and the Lectera team carefully analyses the needs of each market before entering the new language arena.

Lectera has headquarters in the US (Miami), UAE (Dubai) and Russia (Moscow). Thus, the platform has a strong and stable position in the world market and uniform development in all key regions. Within five years, the company plans on being in the top 3 largest educational online platforms. To ensure such success, according to Lectera's CEO, the following factors should give it the leading edge: the highest quality of educational products, a flexible pricing system, multilingualism, a unique approach to creating courses and a strong team of experts behind product creation.

Despite the fact that Lectera is currently in beta, the platform is already receiving top reviews from its users. The global coronavirus crisis does play into the hands of the new platform—the demand for online education has never been so high and the growth of the online education market is astronomical. It is possible that Lectera will be able to use the current market conditions to its advantage and become a Unicorn in the next few years, displacing industry veterans from the pedestal, whose approach to training is outdated and has long been out of tune with market realities and needs.

By the end of the year, approximately 1,000 educational units are to be launched on Lectera.com—courses, training programmes, marathons and other, fundamentally new training formats—which the company is yet to reveal. They are already in the pipeline and are based on the same fundamental Lectera principles—fast training and practical application of knowledge to enhance both income and quality of life. In Q3 2020, the launch of professional retraining programmes will allow to acquire a new profession in a month. According to the CEO of the platform, Semeshkina, this will help hundreds of thousands of people find their place in the modern labor market.

Lectera's team is dedicated to making training on the platform not only high-quality, but affordable. Course fees generally range from $50 to $200. The platform also offers a flexible system of discounts as part of the "Lectera Affiliate Motivation Program'. It motivates students to invite their friends and contacts to start training with Lectera and earn on recommendations. For truly active participants, the financial rewards of the programme make it possible to pay for courses fully and even receive an additional income.
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