How This Entrepreneur Helps Users Fight Back Against Common Crypto Scams

Max Handler co-founded Coin Dispute Network to empower budding crypto users with knowledge on how to safely use crypto wallets

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As a crypto investor and blockchain enthusiast, Max Handler, had seen over-and-over how novice crypto investors could fall victim to sophisticated crypto scams.

Max Handler

This knowledge inspired Max to co-found a cryptocurrency tracing and consulting company called the Coin Dispute Network that empowers budding crypto users on how to safely use crypto wallets and fight back against common scams, all while protecting their life savings.

Max decided he wanted to help others with crypto security needs during his time visiting a family friend who was living in a retirement home. In early 2015, he discovered that this family friend, a WW2 veteran who should have been living his golden years, had recently fallen into a crypto scam that took his entire retirement savings.

It was then and there that Max knew he wanted to use his knowledge of the blockchain and technical expertise to help thousands of other people avoid a similar fate and protect their savings.

Shortly after this incident, Max launched his career as a blockchain investigator and immediately experienced the power of certain tracing and recovery techniques and how they can positively impact virtually any individual who lost their crypto to a scam.

Max also immersed himself in the world of crypto exchange regulations and laws, learning all he could about ways to use the rules to fight back and help victims. He has applied his technical expertise and passion for entrepreneurship to build his company Coin Dispute Network and help as many people as possible. He has used these methods to help numerous businesses recover losses, and then expanded his scope to individuals so he can help normal folks to do the same.

Max has already led or assisted with over 500 cryptocurrency investigations to trace and recover lost funds for people all over the world.

Max will never forget his time helping his family friend in the retirement home who lost his entire life savings to a scam. The WW2 veteran was trying to navigate the complicated and often risky world of crypto all alone with nobody else to turn to. As a result, Max is committed to giving back to others who have been a victim of any online crypto scams by offering free scam checks and free consultations to help people locate and dispute their funds. Everyday Max uses these skills to review new cases and determine if his company Coin Dispute Network can assist with them or not.

Time management

A typical day for Max starts at around 5 AM. His office is usually buzzing with activity so time management is key, especially these days. He often has to decide which cases to prioritize. "As the new cryptocurrency bear market continues, this has spawned a rush of people trying to withdraw all their money from unregulated or fake crypto platforms and discovering they've been scammed. They then reach out to us for help as soon as they can so we can start reviewing their case before it's too late," he said, adding that he and his team review up to 10 new cases per day but only agree to take on a small fraction of that. He is all about managing his time wisely, prioritizing cases, and living by the 80/20 Pareto principle.

Being an entrepreneur

Max didn't always see himself in the role of an entrepreneur. "Actually, when I first started becoming an entrepreneur and launched my crypto business, I wasn't super confident in myself. It wasn't until after I started helping clients that I realized how much I really knew about blockchain technology and how most people who had no idea what the heck they were doing. They really need a lot of help and I know how to do it. But our success has had its share of trial and error working long hours in the trenches finding out what works and what doesn't, always trying to stay one step ahead" he said.

Max didn't see himself running a large crypto recovery company and security firm in just a few short years. From helping one person to now helping several hundred with more on a waitlist, the demand has been growing quickly, in his words. "The need for this kind of expertise has never been bigger," he added. Max believes he is blessed to be here at this point, because he is doing something he loves while also getting the opportunity to help people during moments when they need it most. "Everyone's entrepreneurship journey is always different, but I've learned that if you're doing something you love and you're making a difference in people's lives, then it never feels like work" he said.


You will rarely spot Max at any crypto conferences or networking events. "That surprises most people because I have a huge network. But the old image of networking in person is changing, especially in the Web3 crypto space. Don't get me wrong, I do like networking but I do it differently," he said.

He is a member and admin of many online crypto communities. So instead of going to a crypto conference a few times a year he networks daily with his fellow crypto experts in private online groups. "If you go to a conference you might meet several legit people who happen to fly in and attend, but I can network with thousands of people all over the world at any time if I do it online. That kind of networking strategy in the crypto space has really helped me grow the Coin Dispute Network and improve our effectiveness," Max said.