The Influencer Marketing Industry Takes Its Next Evolutionary Leap

At its epicenter, entrepreneur Andrew Warren of Collxab is driving the space forward

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In New York City, the social scene is ingrained into the culture of the city. As a global destination for many professionals, New York attracts newcomers not just from a career perspective, but from a social, cultural, dining and entertainment point of view as well.

Hallie Geller

At just 28 years of age, New York native Andrew Warren has been able to cultivate a cadre of today's elite tastemakers and cultural influencers from the city's highest social spheres.

From social media influencer to fashion designer, across all of his endeavors, he's consistently shown a prolific ability to organize deals and bring stars together with brands.

While many know Warren as a social figure or for his clothing line Just Drew, his latest endeavors include the launch of a new and innovative type of agency called CollXab, uniquely representing both brands and talent.

From having his own clothing brand and having done self-marketing for it, he is able to help brands quickly see what would make them stand out. While having worked with brand clients such as Lolea Sangria, Nate App, Flowcode and countless others, CollXab representing talent would seem like a no brainer as Warren has always seemed to have a passion for helping his friends market themselves.

Combining Warren's penchant for fashion and PR, CollXab fuses traditional marketing agency values with the new and evolving trends that are focused on talent, including influencers, digital creators, and niche brands especially ones that have an LGBTQ+ focus. Despite having only recently launched the agency, Warren and his partner Arleigh Banner have managed to gather an impressive roster of talent. Bringing in over 50 new talent to the agency, above all, Warren aims for CollXab to be a destination and a welcomed place for diverse talent. CollXab agency is diversifying their pool of talent with creators that offer diverse backgrounds, brands, niches and networks including designers, makeup artists, meme accounts, fitness trainers, DJs, models, singers, writers, models and more. With CollXab are Ava Dash, Dylan Geick, Emira D'Spain, Hayley Hasselhoff, and Jocelyn Chew to mention a few.

Thus far, Warren and his partner have been able to secure opportunities for CollXab talent with brands such as Samsung, NARS, Nordstrom, BURST, Lucky Brand, Sakara Life, Burberry, MAC, Steve Madden, Klarna, Proactiv, and more. Helping match the right talent with the right brand, how CollXab differs from its competition is in curating unique opportunities. The talent board is called the "CollXab Fam" because everyone pretty much knows each other, and also supports each other. Cultivating inventive activations and collaborations for talent, Warren's experience as a social figure and influencer himself has played a major role in his ability to generate original ideas and content.

In this new era where social media and the digital age completely define marketing strategies, Warren's work with CollXab is a sign of the times, revealing the importance and effectiveness of curating a culturally and socially diverse selection of talent and brands.

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