How To Build a Successful Real Estate Business Digitally

Starting young, Adam Olsen and his team has been able to carve a niche in the noisy real estate market keeping the focus firmly on the community and realizing the power of digital

By Brandon Arpke • Nov 12, 2020

Brandon Arpke
Adam Olsen

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The real estate sector is as famous as it is infamous with several fortunes gained and lost over the centuries. What brings to mind is the sub-prime crisis which not only affected the US, but rippled across the world hurting almost every economy. Nevertheless, the sector contributes significantly to GDPs across the world and owning a piece of estate still continues to be fashionable.

Amid all the chaos and noise, the Adam Olsen Team has been able to carve out a niche. It recently acquired the Commercial Professionals, a top-performing commercial real estate brokerage company with over $51 million in commercial listings, making him a dominant figure in the real estate market. But the road travelled for Adam Olsen has been a rollercoaster ride. Owner of Arcadi Realty and The Adam Olsen Team (AOT), Adam Olsen attributes his rapid growth to the power of digital and sees himself as a millennial realty broker.

Doing it differently

Founded by Olsen at 18 with a spark of interest in the real estate sector, The Adam Olsen team has found its growth in realizing the power of buying and selling real estate virtually. In four years since starting, 83 per cent of AOT's business comes online, and in spite of real estate properties people want to invest in, there is always an opportunity to have more people reaching out to you and carving a property deal, says Olsen.

One of the ways the Adam Olsen Team is revolutionizing the purchase and selling process is with full-video tours that truly show the beauty and potential each home has to offer. The tours, advertised on YouTube and their other social platforms, helps show buyers what they can expect to see of the property when they make further enquiries.

They've also implemented an e-sign platform to manage important documents, offers, counteroffers, and closings, so all involved are kept safe.

Adam Olsen Team

The power of digital has helped Olsen and his team to build a fast growing real estate business in the US. In 2019, the team was ranked #15 in Texas by Real Trends for its extraordinary volume and transactions and Adam made it into the top 30 in the HAR MLS YTD 2020. The Adam Olsen Team specializes in residential, commercial, farm and ranch real estate, as well as business brokerage transactions.

How Adam Olsen team grew their Business with power of digital

"Success is defined by your ability to better yourself and your community, not by your wallet," says Olsen, whose continued focus and top priority is the community.

The year 2020 has so far proven to be a challenging time for everyone. As unsettling as the economy and markets may currently be, The Adam Olsen Team has made client servicing top priority. It was only because of putting customer needs at the centre that despite shutdowns, lockdowns and restrictions, the team maintained business continuity.

According to Olsen, good engagement in the digital space is a way that translates to real business, and to him these five hacks have worked in creating a digital real estate business.

  1. A good IDX website drives traffic helping to capture and cultivate leads. Topping it up with a mobile further add to the ease as the entrepreneur can focus on selling properties.
  2. Social media presence on Twitter and Instagram and using Facebook real estate marketing tools improves reach. It pays to be active on social media accounts.
  3. Making listings shareable helps and one should have prominent social share buttons. Nevertheless, make listings more shareable by ensuring they have responsive layouts and good photographs.
  4. 360-degree photos and videos help in accurately communicating what the space looks and feels like.
  5. Regular newsletters to a database is a must. It is a great way to share content like upcoming open houses, market reports, or recent blogs posted by business owners.

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