The Israeli Company Using Tera Waves to Detect COVID-19

XPRIZEi in its most recent contest, "$6M XPRIZE Rapid COVID Testing" aimed to create game-changing COVID-19 testing solutions

By Josh Horowitz

Tera Group

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As the vaccination campaign to end the coronavirus pandemic rages on, XPRIZE, an organization holding million-dollar competitions continues to incentivize innovation and development to better the world. Their most recent contest, "$6M XPRIZE Rapid COVID Testing", aimed to create game-changing COVID-19 testing solutions and named several winners.

One of the Open Innovation Track winners was TERA (TeraGroup), an Israeli company utilizing "Terahertz (THz)" waves technology, to produce a 1-3-minutes coronavirus breath test, named the BioSafety test. This simple and rapid BioSafety clearance test is meant to determine if an individual is Negative for COVID-19 and Clear to proceed.

THz is "the last unexplored frontier" in the Electromagnetic Spectrum of waves and frequencies that was not commercialized until today, due to various technological challenges. THz can be used as a molecular radar for medical detection, security surveillance, manufacturing, and more. Combined with exhaled breath analysis, which has always been a very promising field for disease diagnostics, a person's breath can be sampled and diagnosed on-site, rapidly, and as often as required.

TERA was founded in 2003 by Chairman & CEO Oren Sadiv. It branched out of the prominent Weitzman Institute of Science. Since then, TERA has received over US$110 million dollars in R&D investment, contributing to their 100+ patents portfolio.

The company primarily develops customized THz products and solutions for its strategic partners under its B2B platform. Its main product is the TeraSystem– THz spectrometer operating as a diagnostic molecular radar. The TeraSystem can obtain new, valuable and unprecedented information from any gas, chemical, biological and organic material (including in water) for customized solutions.

TERA already established relationships with close to 2,000 existing and potential clients worldwide, including: global and local organizations, countries and companies representing a wide range of industries from the Fortune 500 list, including global technology leaders, airlines, cruise liners, entertainment venues, sports events, online retailers, manufacturing/food companies, and more).

Following clinical trials in Israel, Latin America, Asia, USA (pending FDA approval), UAE and Europe (CE Mark approved), TERA is continuing to grow its number of testing sites around the world, in a collective effort to fight COVID-19 and mobilize the global economy.

Investors should take notice of the company's reach to significant industries, in addition to its advancements in COVID-19 solutions. TERA said it is starting to explore other diagnostics capabilities using the database already being established to offer its clients software updates for the other viruses, variants/mutations and/or other diseases (in addition to COVID-19).

Today, TERA continues to innovate and expand its utilization of its premium Terahertz technology. TERA's performance in the "$6M XPRIZE Rapid COVID Testing" competition broadcasted the company's readiness to bring its breath test as well as its unique technological platform to the wider market. As TERA advances its mission to transform industrial practices with its paradigm-shifting products, investors and eventually the world will get to know the name and the potential of Terahertz technology.

Josh Horowitz

VC Investor. Passionate about Cybersecurity, BioTech & Cannabis

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