This Cellphone Was Created To Make the Internet More Safe For Children

Stephen Dalby created Gabb Wireless wherein users can't go on the app store or Internet browser, meaning there's no social media or games to play

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The Internet can be a wonderful place for children, where they can communicate with teachers and other kids, play stimulating games, and gain awareness about the world. However Internet access also comes with risks, such as inappropriate content and cyberbullying.


Many malicious attackers will pose as a child or teen looking to make a new friend and attempt to form inappropriate exchanges. In return, this makes the child exchange personal information such as phone number, and encourages kids to call the predator, seeing their phone number through caller ID.

A prominent video-sharing platform serves sexually inappropriate content, without much moderation. This in return is dangerous for children. Many parents should be cognizant of what kids see and hear on the internet, who they are meeting with, and the information they share. As a matter of fact, many parents are now becoming more concerned with the future of their children because of social media. Moreover, parents are starting to become more involved in their children's cell phone usage and are limiting usage at home.

Stephen Dalby, a father living in Palo Alto, had a hard time finding a cell phone to give his son. So, he created Gabb Wireless. Conveniently priced at $99, the Gabb Wireless ZTE phone has call, text messaging, an alarm, a camera, a calculator, calendar and FM radio. Users can't go on the app store or Internet browser, meaning there's no social media or games to play. The common use case for the Gabb Wireless ZTE phone is to have a phone to coordinate schedules.

Many children need to directly communicate to parents about after school activities. Having their own personal phone is important because it allows the child to communicate with parents on any schedule changes. Gabb even has a smartwatch that is a kid-safe device that triples as a phone, GPS tracker, and interactive smartwatch. The new Gabb Watch offers safety for children of various ages. Suited for kids with the need for phone-like connection with family and friends, the Gabb Watch triples as a phone, an active GPS tracker and an interactive smartwatch. With unlimited talk and voice-messaging capabilities, the Gabb Watch provides reliable connection and safety for children at all times.

More than a cellular company—Gabb Wireless is a movement to connect kids to what matters most with safe technology solutions.Their mission is to protect kids and provide the best customer service experience. To get started with Gabb Wireless, visit their website.

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