This Electric Motocross Bike Is Built For Experts and Joyriders Alike On top of being much easier to ride and take care of than the traditional bike, Stark Future's Stark VARG is at the forefront of the sustainability movement

By John Stanly

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When most people think of a motorcycle, it is assumed you need to be an expert to ride it and maintain it. However, there is a new wave of bikes coming through the market that are perfect for both experts and those who simply want to go for a fun, casual ride. On top of being much easier to ride and take care of than the traditional bike, Stark Future's new electric motocross bike, the Stark VARG, is at the forefront of the sustainability movement, too.

Stark Future prides itself in leading, challenging and inspiring the motorcycle industry in terms of sustainability. The extremely successful launch of the VARG broke records with €8 million in sales on launch day and 1,000 bikes sold within just 24 hours, ultimately bringing in €25 million in the first week for the Barcelona-based company.

"Anyone that can ride a bicycle can ride the VARG," explains the company. "Still, the bike has the capabilities to push the fastest riders in the world to their limits." The VARG is Stark Future's very first product to hit the market, and the success of the launch proves that consumers are definitely interested in innovative technology that pushes boundaries. The VARG is faster than all its competitors, with a peak performance of 80hp, which is 30% more than a typical 450cc four-stroke. Riders are able to adjust from 1 to 80hp in a matter of seconds through the Stark VARG App, a comprehensive tool available in the bike's display, or through your smartphone.

While motorcycles are typically known for polluting the environment and contributing to global warming, the VARG generates zero CO2 emissions and uses less plastic than any other bike. "We will continue to also reduce CO2 emissions in production and transport," said the company spokesperson. "And, find ways to reduce the use of plastic even further."

As for the maintenance of the VARG, it is far different than your usual motorcycle. The average motorcycle requires lots of trips to the mechanic, while the VARG requires the same level of maintenance as a standard bicycle. As the company says: you no longer need to be a mechanic to own a motocross bike.

Moving forward, Stark Future has many ideas for new vehicles and new technology to develop. "Innovation is our core focus," they explained. The company also sees their technology impacting the sport of motocross by making it more inclusive through the maintenance reduction and ease of use. With the Stark VARG bringing in a whopping €35 million in just two weeks — it is breaking records and making our planet a better place all at the same time. Be on the lookout for more off-road and on-road electric vehicles from Stark Future that are sure to set the precedent for performance, sustainability and ease of use and maintenance.

John Stanly

Start-up mentor

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