Ashish Chaturvedi

Founder, School Diary® and uFony

An IIM-Kolkata alumni, Ashish founded uFony, the parent company for School Dairy, in Pune. uFony, meant to rhyme with “euphony” - meaning a pleasing sound, created its first product, the School Diary App, in 2012, as a specifically designed technology solution for the education sector, aimed to simplify and streamline the parent-teacher communication.

Prior to uFony, Ashish spent 9 years in a corporate role, working across technology, business development, and planning across sectors, including the IT services and CPG industry. He was also a part of the Global Program Management team, where he managed a 50+ MUSD transformational program comprising of 400+ resources distributed across Europe, US, India and China for P&G. Having worked with some of the leading Indian and International brands, including Infosys, AT&T, P&G and Veizon(USA), Ashish gained immense insights in working with multicultural teams and acquiring hands on expertise, across business domains. All of these learnings he carefully imbibed so as to eventually implement some of the world’s best practices, in his own business venture. His goal had always been to start his own venture one day and enable creation of at least 10,000 jobs – a milestone he is very close to achieving!

School Diary has been a success since its launch in 2012. What started with one school in Pune is now a family of 201K+ app users, across 709+ schools, pre-schools and day care centers, spread in 9+ countries. The App, designed to create a one stop communication platform, accessible on iOS, Android, Windows smartphones and Windows 10 tablet, desktops and over browsers, has been effective in bridging the parent teacher information divide. With customized, innovative and simple solution, the app has created an easy and engaging interface that could help both parents and teachers to be on the same page, when it came to a child’s education. 

In addition to School Diary®, Ashish is also the founder of Daycarez® & Zoment™.



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