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Elon Musk Says He And His Wife Are Bots

Tesla CEO Elon Musk's Twitter account may soon become your go to place for a steady dose of comedy. Among other things, he is spotting fake and spam accounts on the platform, and jokingly commented that he and his wife too may be bots.


Weekend Watch: Here's What You Can See On Netflix And Amazon

Check out some of these series and movies which have just released on various OTT platforms. Its a varied choice, so you get to decide between World War 2, unconventional romance tales and the twists in legal cases.

News and Trends

4 Famous Billionaires Fighting Climate Change

Many of the world's richest people are doing their bit by donating money and investing in causes that can tackle climate change. Here are four such billionaires who have done a significant amount to combat this problem.


Mother's Day 2022: The Rise Of Maternity And New-Born Photography

An award-winning maternity and baby photographer and Canon EOS Maestro, Barkha initially tried her hand at various genres like weddings, products, food and more. But what truly spoke to her was when she would capture a pregnant woman.


5 Heart Healthy Fruits For The Summer

Diet plays an important part at this time, and fruits form an essential part of that plan. A daily intake of fruits not only make up for your lack of liquid intake, but is also a healthy and nutritious substitute for junk foods which you might binge eat during your hunger pangs.

Growth Strategies

This Is What Elon Musk Said About Wealth Creation

Tesla CEO Elon Musk doled out some financial advice on his Twitter handle on May 1. And when the world's richest man gives tips on wealth creation, we listen.