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The New Microsoft AI Tool Can Mimic Anyone's Voice

A new AI tool by Microsoft has garnered quite the attention. Vall-E's AI Text To Speech system (TTS) can take a three second recording of a person and then convert written words into a speech in that person's voice. What is the most frightful and astonishing part about the tool is its accuracy.


ChatGPT and the New Beta App ChatZero Updates

The viral AI tool ChatGPT that can mimic human responses, may soon introduce a paywall.


Twitter Redesigns their Homepage for the iOS App

The microblogging site which has been in headlines ever since Musk took over has now redesigned their homepage interface.

Social Media

Nagma Mirajkar: Changing the Face of Fashion Digitally

Digital Content Creator Nagma Mirajkar, often stuns the world and her 8 Million Instagram followers with her jaw-dropping fashion looks. Mirajkar stepped into the world of social media by creating videos during lunch breaks at her 9 to 5-job.


The Beauty Influencer: Mrunal Panchal

Mrunal Panchal also popularly known as Mrunu or Gujju Unicorn shot to fame with her beauty videos on social media.

News and Trends

Meta's Decision On Trump's Return to Facebook Pending

Meta is preparing to announce whether former US President Donald Trump will be permitted to join Facebook and Instagram.