Sachin Bhatia

Co-founder, and Global Sales and Marketing Head, Ameyo

Sachin Bhatia is a tech entrepreneur who is passionate about solving problems for Mid-Large size Businesses. He has traveled to over 40 countries, making Ameyo one of the largest players in the Customer Engagement space in emerging Geographies. He co-founded Ameyo with his fellow IITians, Bishal Lachhiramka and Nayan Jain, in 2003.

Apart from his professional roles, Sachin has some extra-curricular passions as well. He is fond of picking new hobbies and try and get average on a lot of them like music, sports, games, photography, gardening and so on. He also loves to spend time with his family. Apart from this, Sachin has a keen interest in reading books like his recent favourite "Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow".


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