Shreyans Kokra and Shikha Shah

Co-founders of Canva Fibre Labs LLP

Shreyans Kokra, Co-founder of Canva Fibre Labs LLP

Shreyans (25) is educated in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Armed with multiple degrees in finance and business, his experience ranges from working in an accounting firm, investment bank, co-founding a marketing start-up to co-heading a textile manufacturing and technology firm. Being actively involved in family business of Textiles since young age has given him deep understanding of textiles. He realised that in synthetic textiles - there is adverse ecological impact, lack of material innovation and slow functional improvements.Later at Babson, he met Shikha Shah and one of the discussions were on fashion and textile industry. Hemp was discussed in one such chains of discussion and thought of its triple bottom line had a significant impact. This discussion and research led us to the inception of Canva Fibre Labs LLP.


Shikha Shah, Co-founder of Canva Fibre Labs LLP

Shikha (22) is educated in business and entrepreneurship for 6+ years in 3 recognized school including Babson, which beats Harvard in the field of entrepreneurship. Her experience ranges from working in family businesses, a film making start-up, Chairman’s team at Adani, American and European companies across continents to co-founding a textile manufacturing and technology company at a young age.

She actively seeks to give the community, nation and world a young women role model. To address UN’s sustainability goals, solve problems, bring in innovation to create impact by making it reach to masses is her calling. Through Canva Fibre Labs she helps textile industry, biggest polluter only after Oil and Gas to reduce its carbon foot print.




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