Yan Han

Founder and Director, Think Culture Foundation

Yan Han, Founder & Chairperson - Think Culture Foundation; Chairperson - International Business, Topline Consulting Group. 

An avid promoter and connoisseur of arts and culture, Yan has 20 years of global experience across Australia and China markets. As a “global citizen,” Yan brings with her rich experience from Topline’s China market, with unique and proven models built around innovative and digitally advanced practices. She has expertise in strategic planning, financial and risk management, joint ventures & alliances, new market development, and operations management.

Yan was instrumental in adding many feathers to Air China, in her long career as the General Manager. She is an Executive MBA from Peking University – Guanghua School of Management, 


News and Trends

India's Gratitude To the NGOs Battling the COVID-19

In these times, NGOs are not just providing the medicine and cure and stopping the victims from dying, it is also about keeping the non-diseased alive

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