"I have never read a book in my entire life or watched TV in 11 years"

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Being a top CEO/ Entrepreneur doesn't just need brilliant ideas and exceptional business-skills, but also takes a lot of swag to keep the competition away and striving strong. Entrepreneurs are different from your traditional businessmen – they often didn't go through years or decades of family business skills, and frequently do not specialize in a business degree – all they have is a passion to form an identity for their brand and get their idea outside their heads and into the real world. Given these passion driven circumstances, they lack their formality of giving politically correct answers to interviews, and sometimes candidly reveal way more than they should.


Sourced via Reddit's AMA, here are the wittiest, candid or just hilarious responses of famous CEO's of startups:

Instead of downloading illegally, I buy all my music online now

Founder of mobile wallet giant Paytm, Vijay Shekhar Sharma on being asked how Paytm plans to compete with its most direct rival in the design language with Freecharge, pretended ignorance and replied, "I will see Freecharge and comment."

On being asked how do he feel about being wealthy since he started from humble backgrounds, he replied, "I buy all my music (instead of free downloads earlier) and I feel happy about that!"

I would like my son to renounce the world and become a monk

Ajit Narayanan, inventor of FreeSpeech - a way of representing language pictorially and an engine to convert these pictures into perfectly grammatical English was asked about his views on his one year old son desiring to be an entrepreneur himself one day. He replied, "I would like him to renounce the world and become a monk at some point of time, but my short-term ambition is that he stops throwing food at me."

I smoke the occasional joint or two

Founder of the popular video entertainment and parody channel The Viral Fever, Arunabh Kumar on being asked what's the relation between his on screen frequent stoner references, he stated "I do smoke pot once in a while".

How does Zomato decide what country to move to? Dart Boards!

Seemingly the founder CEO of Zomato, Deepinder Goyal had little to no clue on the internet etiquettes of Reddit culture and went ballistic bombarding questions with exceptionally rude and blunt replies. On being asked what the thinking was that went behind the aggressive expansion strategy of Zomato, he answered "dart boards". Another user asked, "When will the day arrive when I ask Siri on my iPhone to order Butter Chicken from a restaurant and Zomato do the rest for me?", he answered, "Meeting Tim Cook tomorrow evening over chai. Will let you know." Despite hundreds of down votes, the CEO believed any publicity is good publicity and went on to showcase his proud beliefs without hesitation.

I have never read a book in my entire life or watched TV in 11 years

Rahul Yadav, the bad boy of the entrepreneur world, while he was still working for Housing.com went on the forum and gave a few revelations, including never to have read any book except course books or watched TV since 11 years. On being asked "which startups do you respect in India?" he answered without hesitation "Not Zomato!"

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