It Was The Best of Ideas Changing The Worst of Times

The baton goes to young entrepreneurs who disrupted the worst times with their innovations

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The baton goes to young entrepreneurs who disrupted the worst times with their innovations.

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The pandemic is now almost looking to be behind us but the year 2020 despite its challenges left us with more valuable lessons than even a decade. Industries changed as serving people's interests became more important than serving one's own and young entrepreneurs with the technology revolution became the torchbearers for crusading through these difficult times.

Our most popular annual young entrepreneurs issue 35under35 year after year gauges the undisputed spirit of entrepreneurship and attests to what is widely believed that the most successful entrepreneurs are young. The biggest global tech organizations were founded by entrepreneurs in their early twenties when they launched what would become world-changing companies. While this is not a generalized pattern, research shows that among the top 0.1% of start-ups based on growth in their first five years, the founders started their companies, on average, between 25-35. These entrepreneurs are building businesses that are closer in spirit to the prototypical high-tech start-up where nearly 45% of start-ups were granted a patent, nearly 67% have received VC investment and nearly 80% employ a high fraction of STEM staff. In Deep tech start-ups, the average age is 30, and younger founders aren't uncommon.

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What is also interesting is the growth of serial entrepreneurship in young founders. While it may be generally reflected that the young age may lead to one successful entrepreneurial venture, however, with the advantage of starting young, some of these entrepreneurs are already migrating to their second or third ventures and their experience and exposure are playing a critical role. It is also for the first time ever that public money with IPOs seems exciting to young entrepreneurs as they are looking to raise capital in the market soon.

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The year saw unparalleled action in the fintech space with some marvellous opportunities exploding in the sector giving us many unicorns in the year gone by. However this year's list of 35under35 has people coming from all streams of life - there is a teacher who led a transformation of not just a school, a village, a curriculum, a board for the entire nation to be inspired with. The issue also witnesses women making a mark across niche spaces whether it is cancer-related healthcare or finding their mojo in categories such as satire. While one person is enough to bring a change if he/she carries the real spirit of entrepreneurship, it is the technology that has become the biggest equalizer in every society and transcends above all. I hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as we enjoyed putting them together this year of those who have truly risen even in the time of pandemic.

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If you are a young entrepreneur and feel inspired by these young contemporaries featured in 35under35, share your business start-up ideas and business ventures with us at You could be part of the list next year or our other interesting entrepreneurial stories.

We are already busy with our Shepreneurs special edition for March 2021 as we bring forward bold and brainy women who truly mean business.

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