Phone App And Website Spearheading the First Online Marketplace For Likeminded Gearheads

ModFind was launched in 2019 as a phone app, and later in the year, launched as a website due to user demand

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ModFind is the number one place for any car enthusiast to find what they need without wasting time scouring the Internet. They can also find a long list of shops, collectors and others to follow. The platform beats the likes of Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace by miles.


After cleaning out his garage, posting items on Craigslist, waiting for buyers and talking to all too many people, Fred Courtot was like there has got to be a better way: dealing with automotive items online was a frustrating mess.

After putting some thought into it and talking to his automotive enthusiast friends, Fred decided to build an app just for gearheads like him. The platform makes buying, selling parts and even buying and selling entire cars easier than ever before.

The beginning

ModFind was launched in 2019 as a phone app, and later in the year, Fred launched a website due to user demand. The site is widely popular, and you will find all the top brands such as BMW, Jeep, Porsche, and much more. In addition, you can follow shops, brands and sellers to keep up with what they are posting to the site.

As an added bonus, Fred designed a truly unique feature, which has recently been patented, called the Kickback. The Kickback is an awesome program where people can make money by sharing posts with their friends. Suppose a seller wants to offload something quickly. When they create the post, they can add a kickback. For example, if you have a set of wheels worth $1,500, you can post them for that amount with a kickback of $100 if someone else finds a buyer for you.

The person that finds the buyer just needs to make sure the buyer purchases through their link. Once the buyer purchases the wheels, the $100 kickback goes into the finder's ModFind account, and the money can be used for anything on the site. It's a great way to make some extra cash to spend and for sellers to move products quickly!

ModFind is free to use. Sellers only pay a fee after selling, and unlike other sites, the fees vary depending on what is being sold. For example, you can sell something over $5,000 for a flat fee of $250, and small items incur a 10 per cent fee. Overall, the pricing structure was built to be fair to everyone that uses the site from dealers to anyone on the street.

Where to Find ModFind

ModFind makes buying and selling auto parts easy for any gear head out there. Just sign up and begin buying, posting and following. It completely removes the hassle of searching across Craigslist regions and other marketplaces. You can download the app from the App Store or Play Store, and you can also find them on the internet. Don't be frustrated with finding car parts again; check out Fred Courtot's ModFind today!