This Entrepreneur Is an Avid Singer and Raises Funds For Charity, Orphans Through His Songs

Being a successful entrepreneur in the handicraft industry, Ehsan Mohammadi takes turn to create and sing songs for philanthropic work

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Skill and creativity are two blessed arts gifted by God and polished by hard work and determination. We came across many young creative people performing their respective art very efficiently and winning the heart of the audiences. Meet one such amazingly talented mind who pours his creativity in the world of handicraft and designing: Ehsan Mohammadi the budding serial Entrepreneur. He takes an initiative to save our old culture of handicraft, spreads awareness and protects traditional crafts which has been the need of the hour due to ever increasing technological advents and advances of the current digital era world.

Vincent Zirah

Looking at the handicraft industry in hindsight, it has been a zone not ventured by many. Lack of knowledge, finances, not much support from society at large can be some of the prime reasons for individuals not taking up the mantle on their heads with respect to handicrafts. Although it is expected to grow by 10.9 per cent over the forecast period of 2021-2026 and reach $1204.7 billion by 2026, it promises some stunning growth projection which was estimated around $647.57 billion in 2020. This would probably boost the young generation to take up the handicraft industry as full-time career option and profession.

Just at the tender age of 18, Ehsan entered the world of handicraft. By his extra-ordinary efforts and hard work, he achieved his dream of saving the handicraft industry. Today he is the synonymous name that goes along handicraft industry and became the most successful entrepreneur and designer in handicrafts domain just at the age of 30. He has entitled himself with the glory of handicraft world. He also took this art globally! Mohammadi is one of the very rare persons who cares to save our old beautiful tradition. It was not a walk in the park to take this initiative, this sector of business has been very tricky and equally risky but with God's blessing and his hard work, creativity, skill of implementation of his designing Ehsan Mohammadi did wonders for him and also for handicraft world. One of Ehsan's customer opines that working with him was pure joy and holistic approaches that he brings into his working can simply help achieve many desired results.

We have glimpses of many successful entrepreneurs, but this man stands totally different and unique. As we know how he worked for handicraft art and again made it alive. Now let's see his next side of his amazing personality! We know many singers who work for earning money, but you find none who works for welfare of numerous people. Yes! This young Entrepreneur has started singing not for earning capital but for charity and orphans. The capital he gains through singing he donates the amount to orphans and charity for their welfare and betterment. This way he has helped many people in need through his philanthropic work.

Ehsan is a perfect combination of incredible human being and successful Entrepreneur who worked for people and tradition from very young age. While most of the other people work with motive of earning money, Ehsan first motive has been helping in all the way he could and bring about a positive change in the society.